British MPs call on parliamentary to cancel pensions investment in China

Translation and commentary: Jenny Ball
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The lawmakers appealed not to invest their pensions in companies closely related to the Chinese Communist Party(CCP). The picture shows the Chamber of the House of Commons.(BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

The British media disclosed that more than 100 members of the British Parliament have recently called on companies responsible for parliamentary pension funds not to invest in CCP China, because the investment of these funds is currently flowing into companies involved in the suppression of Uighurs in Xinjiang and companies having close relations with the CCP.

According to The Times, an investigation by the human rights group ‘Hong Kong Watch’ found that funds related to the parliament were invested in Chinese banks and technology companies.

The Parliamentary Contributory Pension Fund, also known as the Pension Fund for Members of the House of Commons(PFMHC), is managed by BlackRock. Among them, 2.9 million pounds was invested in Alibaba, 900,000 were invested in Tencent, and there were also investments in China Construction Bank and Sinopec.

The company responsible for pensions for parliamentary staff is Legal & General, which invests in some Chinese companies sanctioned by the United States.

In a letter to BlackRock’s chairman and fund trustee, the lawmaker stated: “Alibaba and Tencent are not only one of China’s largest technology companies, but they also often cooperate with the “Firewall” maintains censorship of the Internet and provides the government with software patents for surveillance, which are used to suppress Uyghurs.”

The lawmakers also mentioned in the letter that the Chinese Communist government retaliated against British lawmakers for criticizing the Chinese Communist Party’s repression in Xinjiang and “sanctioned” several British lawmakers.

They said: “In view of China’s continued sanctions against members of the British Parliament, the Speaker decided to ban the CCP ambassador from entering Parliament. The House of Commons also passed a motion that the treatment of Uyghurs is “genocide“. We call on the trustees of the fund urgently to review our pension investment in China to ensure that the Parliamentary Pension Contribution Fund will not be invested in companies or institutions involved in serious human rights violations and institutions related to the CCP government.”

The letter was signed by 112 members of the House of Commons and 16 members of the House of Lords, including Lisa Nandy, the Foreign Secretary of the Labor Party’s shadow cabinet, Shi Zhi’an, former leader of the Conservative Party, Layla Moran, spokesperson for foreign affairs of the Liberal Democratic Party, and the Foreign Affairs of the Scottish National Party in the House of Commons. Spokesperson Alyn Smith. Congressman David Amess, who was assassinated not long ago, was also one of them.

Commentary: The big boss of BlackRock is Ms. Gao yanyan, the mistress of vice emperor of CCP. The Pension Fund for Members of the House of Commons is managed by BlackRock. It means British lawmakers are controlled by CCP. No wonder they have been following the strategies of CCP in virus blockdown and vaccine mandate. And time to wake up and stand up to the CCP for the west and time for the people to protest for our human right!

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