South Korea’s Covid-19 Infection Rates Increase Sharply

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On November 3, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in a single day in South Korea reached 2,667, the fourth-highest daily number reported.  The Yonhap News Agency said this may indicate the first phase of the “coexistence with the epidemic” model started on the 1st of this month, and that the three days of Halloween celebrations beginning last Friday have begun to show an impact on the epidemic.

It is reported that the two-dose vaccination rate in Seoul has reached 76.7%, but among the 646 newly diagnosed infections on October 31, nearly half of the “breakthrough infection” cases have completed two doses of vaccination. At present, 12,663 people in Seoul are still infected with the virus after being vaccinated.

However, Seoul’s epidemic prevention coordinator and director of the Public Health Bureau Park Yoomi still insisted that those over 50 years old need to add more vaccinations, ignoring the fact “the vaccine is useless or even harmful”.

1. South Korea’s Covid-19 Infection Rates Increase Sharply
2. South Korea’s Covid-19 Infection Rates Increase Sharply

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