Australia Is Training Soldiers For House-to-House Mandatory Vaccinations

By: Himalayaguy

This video was obtained from the web

Recently, current serving Australian soldiers disclosed to the media that Australian Army Generals were forcing them being trained for house-to-house mandatory vaccination.

The training, which takes place on training grounds in urban warfare, includes practicing pulling people out of their houses with medical staff forcing injecting them.

The training also includes practicing running into the bush and catching those people who are running away.

It is so evil that a country uses its military to attack its own people. The behavior is comparable to the CCP that oppresses the people in China.

In September 2021, the Australian government appointed Lieutenant General John Frewen as the Chief of the Joint Capacities, aiming to boost the vaccination rate in Australia.

The general stated that his strategy was to track down those who reject or show hesitation about vaccination.

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