Ivermectin Helps Japan Successfully Fight the Pandemic

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According to recent media reports, Japan’s COVID pandemic cases have rapidly dropped since September – in comparison to the daily increase of 26,000 cases at the end of August. There were only 86 new confirmed COVID cases in Japan on November 2, and some media even called it a success in battling the pandemic overnight.

It is understood that Japan’s COVID vaccination has been halted since mid-September. In contrast, Hajime Ozaki, president of the Tokyo Medical Association, has repeatedly recommended the Japanese government to use ivermectin as the COVID treatments during the period, and the treatments were widely applied in Japanese hospitals by the end of August. Data showed that more than 23,000 people recovered in Japan only on September 3.

According to the commentary, it was proved that the halting of vaccination and the widespread use of ivermectin was the key to the success of Japan’s ending COVID.

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