HKSAR Government Experienced Deficits for Three Consecutive Years

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On October 29th in Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government said that it recorded a 115.7 billion Hong Kong dollar (14.88 billion U.S. dollar) deficit for the first six months of 2021. HKSAR announced its first deficit back in 2019, which is also the year social movements in Hong Kong resurged.

港府財赤超3000億! 多過03年沙士幾多倍? - Capital 資本平台
photo from capital-hk

In regards to the deficit, Mr. Miles Guo mentioned during a live stream that the CCP believes that the only necessity for national development is energy, and not its people nor the need for a healthy, free environment. Therefore, when Hong Kong loses those who really pursue freedom and democracy, there will be no more real development for this place. All the CCP wants is the land and wealth over generations, and it is by no means the people who have the ability to create the future.

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