2021/11/03 ChinaInsight

001   November 2nd, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Large amounts of tanks and military vehicles have been spotted during transit near Shangcheng District, where the ancient ruin of a South Song dynasty palace is located. 

002   October 29th, Dongxiang Village, Shangxi Province. A toll collector claimed that cabbages are not “green vegetables” and refused to allow the vegetable truck to pass.

003   October 30th, 2021. Another CCP virus outbreak near Jiqingli Community, Beijing Chaoyang District. Now, even the Forbidden City has turned into a Covid PCR test station. 

004   Yuanping, Xinzhou, Shanxi Province. Elementary schools ranked students into different social class tiers based on their family backgrounds.Small children from rich and powerful families have special privileges even at schools.

005   November 1st, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, Village officials collect 7.4 million Yuan parking fee each year, making villagers doubt the parking policy’s legitimacy. 

006   November 1st, Zhaoqing, Truck driver sleeps on top of the gas tank under his truck, fearful of someone stealing his gas.

007   The truck driver turned around at the gas station and the employee approached the driver for a pack of cigarettes or he wouldn’t let him go.

008   Extremely ill elderly man in Kunming lived at his son’s doorstep for half a month; the son claims his father had a deviant behavior, has broken off relationship.

009   October 31st, Changchun, Jilin Province. an old lady with cancer murdered her husband and burned down the house. Police arrested the woman and claimed that she did such acts because she did not want to leave behind any money to the husband. 

010   October 31st, Guizhou, Guiyang Province. Evergrande delayed the new central park project, halted construction, and indefinitely postponed the project’s delivery date. 

011   November 1st, Xian, Shanxi Province. Lianhu Datang Hospital has been exposed for malpracticing “over-medication,” charging many patients with tens of thousands of Yuan of unnecessary operation fees. 

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