Himalaya Coin, the Crypto-Digital Currency of New Federal State of China, Was Successfully and Grandly Launched

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The world’s first true digital cryptocurrency financial trading system, based in London and registered with the Himalaya Reserve in the Bahamas, officially opened its market on November 1, 2021 at approximately 22:11 EST. A public offering of its first billion crypto-digital currency, Himalaya coin, was made to the world.

Before this public listing and trading of Himalaya Coin, all walks of life, especially the financial community and the crypto-digital currency industry, were tight-lipped about investing in the coin market. As the Himalaya coin is directly pegged and equivalently fungible with the US dollar. It riveted 20% gold as its value guarantee reserve. It have obtained a public listing and license to operate in all major financial countries, including the United States. Therefore the market development prospect of Himalaya Coin is unanimously highly regarded by the industry.

Not surprisingly, Himalaya Coin reached a single price of $0.478 just after the opening, and once it quickly climbed to a high price of $7.856 per unit. At the time of writing, the unit price of Himalaya coin was $8.107. The increase was 2602.33%. The volume is 7577212.848 pieces. It continues to climb higher.

Himalaya Reserve and Himalaya Coin are born with the core value of righteousness. It will truly become an independent financial platform and Noah’s Ark of freedom, bringing light, hope, justice, security, power and wealth to all mankind.

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