Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on November 1st, 2021

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In his live broadcast on November 1st, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo shares his outlook on Himalaya Coin, Himalaya Pay, and Himalaya Reserve. He explains how Himalaya Coin can change world finance and politics. He also talks about the meaning of loyalty, sacrifice, and truth. Below are the highlights of the broadcast.

The Himalaya Exchange can defend against 1.6 billion times per second hacking attacks.

Today the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) hackers attacked the Himalaya Exchange at a rate of 3 million times a second. The Himalaya Exchange can defend against 1.6 billion times per second hacking attacks. The Himalaya Exchange’s capability is on par with the US national defense. The CCP can definitely not hack it unless they cut off the electricity supply to the servers. Today, multiple data centers are all up and running. The expected trading volume will be astounding.

Miles Guo chats about tuna.

The best part of tuna is the three pieces of meat behind the gills and head, followed by the medium-fat tuna, low-fat tuna, and high-fat tuna. There are more than 90 grades of tuna. Tuna heads must be eaten on the spot after the catch; otherwise, it will become poisonous.

What makes tuna superior? It is the only fish that maintains a constant body temperature. Tuna can live in the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and many rivers. Tuna caught with a fishing pole is not desirable because the fish struggles with the hook, and the process consumes fat. If you catch tuna with fishing poles, you should consume the fish immediately. If you wait for too long, the fat will be depleted by 20-30%. Fish caught by a net and processed within 25 minutes is top grade.

Peter Navarro’s new book quotes information provided by the Whistleblowers Movement.

Navarro’s new book reveals that Trump’s travel ban last year was influenced by Miles Guo. Navarro was a witness. He said the information came from Miles Guo, which was written into the legal documents. The US national security department has approved the book and the information cited. That is significant in terms of the Whistleblowers Movement being recognized around the world. However, we have done a lot of things that will be disclosed. This is an official asset of the New Federal State of China.

We gave Trump a lot of the information, which he didn’t take into consideration. Americans judge things based on facts and on what you do, not what you say. Trump has unlimited political capital by challenging the CCP.

I (Miles Guo) had a meeting with Navarro yesterday afternoon. He said he was sad that he couldn’t meet with the brothers in arms when they protested in Washington DC. Navarro devoted himself to Trump 24/7, so his wife divorced him. Navarro put his family and fortune aside to support Trump. A lot of our funds have more respect for Navarro than we do. He gave so much to Trump and got nothing. When he left the White House, Navarro took only three pictures with him. He was the only one who dared to call Xi Jinping out. On the contrary, Mnuchin and Kushner received $2 billion each from Saudi Arabia. That’s why I (Miles Guo) said the G20 talk would result in nothing.

Pompeo’s announcement to run the 2024 presidential election would divide the Republican Party and is a bit early for him. Trump won’t drop out. As it stands now, Trump will definitely win big in 2022 and 2024.

When having money, the first thing brothers in arms should do is be nice to your parents.

This morning I (Miles Guo) was meditating in front of my mother’s shrine. Once I knelt, I couldn’t control myself. As a child, I wanted my mother to live a life where she had money to buy salt and soy sauce. When brothers in arms have money, the first thing is to be nice to your parents. I hope the birth of the Himalaya Coin will make Chinese people understand the master of money and whom it belongs to.

A family without financial freedom has no say in anything.

I (Miles Guo) achieved financial freedom and made my family safe before starting the business of exterminating the CCP. Wealth should belong to many people. One person’s wealth is called rich, not wealth. Wealth shared by many people can be called wealth. If your family is rich and you are the only one who can spend it, this is called a disaster. Wealth can create power, and you can do the right things with it. We have to use legally-obtained wealth to do legitimate work.

Himalaya Dollar deposits will earn high interest in the future.

The impact of the launch of the Himalaya Coin on the world financial system is beyond imagination. You can wire money into a Himalaya Dollar account to buy Himalaya coins. Nobody can control the purchase of Himalaya dollars, or it’s against the law. In the future, as far as I know, Himalaya Dollar deposits will earn high interest. That’s when the Himalaya Dollar will be available for loans, paying a similar interest rate as deposits, a tiny interest margin.

Himalaya Pay and Himalaya Coin being recognized as legal tender by a sovereign nation would greatly benefit the Himalaya Coin.

The value of all Himalaya Reserve will be realized when Himalaya Pay is rolled out. The Himalaya Coin and Himalaya Dollar are without borders and perfectly safe. It is likely that many countries will recognize the Himalaya Coin as legal tender. How did Bitcoin’s price go up? Because a small country made it legal tender. El Salvador recognized Bitcoin as legal tender, and this is a big deal. Bitcoin will definitely disappear, and its price will go to zero.

The CCP will accumulate Himalaya coins and later dump the coins to crush the price. 

It’s up to the brothers in arms to decide whether or not to sell Himalaya coins. They will regret selling, but some people just do things they regret. We have assessed that more than 200 million coins will change hands in 2-3 days. When the CCP gets 200 million coins, it can control the price of the Himalaya Coin. It’s like the casino game Sic Bo (a game of chance of ancient Chinese origin played with three dice). You have a total of just 1 billion coins, 300 million to stay out of the market, and 300 million to sell. No matter what the price, the CCP buys it, and then crushing the price by selling the coins. Some brothers in arms secretly sell coins, and the CCP accumulates another 200 million coins. I (Miles Guo) am sure many can’t resist the temptation to sell the coins. The high-volume trading feature, which was scheduled for next month, is launched today.

Another institution made an offer to buy Himalaya coins. The battle with the CCP in the market will take three months. However, if you expect the coin to trade in cents or bucks, you won’t have such a chance. People will snap up the coins. When the CCP buys, we sell. When the CCP sells, we buy. When these two are fighting, the price of the coin will rise and fall. But after three months, you can’t have tens of billions of dollars to hedge your bets. There’s little chance that the brothers in arms can buy the coins in the secondary market in the future.

The amount of the Himalaya coins issued is small. The Himalaya Dollar and Himalaya Pay are the keys.

For example, your family has 100,000 RMB. There are 1 billion Himalaya coins in total or only 0.7 coins per Chinese. What can you buy with 0.7 coins? You can’t buy anything. If you give Himalaya coins to 7 billion people worldwide, Everyone gets fewer than 0.2 coins. It can’t create meaningful circulation. The Himalaya Exchange will issue only so many coins this year. When $1 is in circulation in the market, at least 200 dollars are sitting idly. The US issued one trillion dollars, absolutely trillions of dollars. Ninety percent of the paper money is out of circulation. No matter how many Himalaya coins are issued, the volume is tiny. Its circulation and quantities are extremely scarce. The point is how people use the Himalaya Dollar and Himalaya Pay, so brothers in arms should make an effort to convince merchants to use Himalaya Pay.

The song “HCoin to the Moon” will definitely be a hit.

Many old CCP comrades in China say “HCoin to the moon” is professionally done. “Welcome to the world” sung by Miles Guo is very rocking and full of feelings. Out of legal concerns, many people strongly advised me not to sing the song. This song will be very successful and top the chart. Many foreigners will listen to it.

The Chinese embassy in the UK has become the command center for the CCP’s anti-Whistleblowers Movement task force.

Last month, the CCP’s anti-Whistleblowers Movement task force’s command center in Hong Kong was relocated to the UK. The Chinese embassy in the UK has become the global anti-Whistleblowers Movement command center. You cannot imagine the kinds of preparations made by the Himalaya Exchange for today’s launch. It is national level or above national level preparation. It basically takes the power of the top 10 countries. The Himalaya Exchange won’t survive today without national-level protection.

Communist China has internationally recognized sovereignty, and it is sending Red Notices everywhere. Even last week, there was an attempt by the CCP, and British intelligence said the CCP’s notice was fake. If the CCP’s operation succeeded, Himalaya Coin’s launch would be delayed by at least a month. I (Miles Guo) just found out yesterday that someone applied for jobs. We asked David and a donzen others’ for opinions, and the applicants were turned down by the local intelligence service. Two of them, at least, had CCP backgrounds. So CCP’s infiltration is everywhere.

Gettr gives politicians a platform to make money, and it is helpful to take down the CCP.

All the politicians around the world have shamelessly gone into public relations after retirement. The retired presidents and officials don’t deserve any respect at all. The Chancellor of Germany at the time was working as a consultant to Russian oil companies for $300,000 a year. He would do whatever he was told to do. Can you think of any former US president who didn’t try to make a fortune after retirement? They only earn a few million dollars a year, so how many Himalaya coins are you talking about?

If they come to Gettr to do live broadcasts, they can easily make money. They can share the information legally with the masses. Of course, these politicians will be with us and help us destroy the CCP. Facebook and Twitter will die. Our Gettr has no original sin, which is the most important thing.

Would it benefit us greatly if Pompeo is elected the US President?

Pompeo joined Gettr early on. I (Miles Guo) am especially grateful to him for his appeal for the people of Hong Kong, his firm defense of Taiwan, and the designation of the CCP as a genocide criminal before he left the administration. Navarro was the first person to argue that the Chinese do not equal to the CCP. Then several members of Congress and Pompeo followed. We can have complete trust in Pompeo to exterminate the CCP. However, he is still a politician. You will see him engaging with Sasha Gong, Yuan, etc. because he is a politician. We support both Trump and Pompeo. We support anyone who wants to destroy the CCP.

Several European countries have ended favorable tax policy for exports from Communist China.

One thing people aren’t paying attention to today is that several European countries have ended the favorable tax policy under the WTO for Chinese exports. This customs duty issue has something to do with the New Federal State of China.

The first big bank of the Himalaya Reserve is in Liechtenstein. When their number three official and Himalaya Reserve’s president just signed the contract, the CCP came to intimidate Liechtenstein. Liechtenstein got angry and decoupled from the CCP. The second country is Luxembourg. (Miles Guo said “St. Petersburg” instead of Luxembourg. He probably misspoke.) Luxembourg has 57% of the CCP’s financial operations abroad. Liechtenstein accounts for 8%. A lobbying firm in UK is working every hour to convince Argentina, South America, New Zealand, and the European parliament to decouple from the CCP.

Himalaya coins will unclog the circulation channels for the world’s finance. 

You’ll see how great Himalaya Reserve is. It is licensed in the US, Australia, and many countries. Can Chinese people use Himalaya coins? If you are dumb, you won’t be able to use Himalaya coins even if the CCP is gone. If you are smart, you can still use Himalaya coins freely under the CCP’s rule. The question is whether you are willing to find a solution. The Himalaya Reserve, Himalaya Pay, and Himalaya Dollar are like cunning rabbits with many burrows. No one can monitor you and take your coins. Once you start, the game is yours.

What is 忠诚 (loyalty)?

“Loyalty” is a word that has plagued us all our lives. Marriage demands loyalty and results in being cheated by love and enslaved by family. Friendship demands loyalty and leads to betrayal by friends. Investors and investees demand loyalty. The CCP should be loyal to the people, but when have they been loyal? In the West, loyalty contains the concept of trust. If you don’t know the meaning of loyalty, you don’t know the secret of getting along with people. The Chinese word 忠诚 (loyalty) contains the character 中心 (center). Our Whistleblowers Movement believes in decentralization in wealth, personality, and politics. Everything has to be decentralized, so there shouldn’t be a center in loyalty. All loyalty with a center is a lie. Whether I am loyal or not, it is my decision. Loyalty shouldn’t be attached to conditions. But the character 诚 (sincerity) in 忠诚 (loyalty) is very important. Sincerity means faith, ethics, law, and heaven. Without sincerity and rules or regulations, a person is not a human being. Everyone should abandon “centralism” and preserve “sincerity,” sincere to people, parents, family, friends, and things. Sincerity lies in action.

What do you mean by 奉献(sacrifice)?

In the West, it is called donation or sacrifice. The word sacrifice is so sinister. In Mayan culture, ancient times, the Spring and Autumn period, and Shang dynasty, slaughtering people for a ceremony was called sacrifice. In ancient China, salary for government employees was called “support offering,” and in temples, it was called “money offering.” 奉 means offering everything unconditionally to authorities. Once you sacrifice yourself, you and your belongings do not belong to you. Whoever says sacrifice again in the Whistleblowers Movement is definitely our enemy.

We seek freedom of faith, an independent rule of law, and a society with human rights and democracy. Our rights come from God, and men are born equal. Who has the right to ask a man to sacrifice unconditionally for others? We pursue the right to happiness, blessing, and wealth. Anyone or any religion demanding your sacrifice is evil.

The comradeship between our Whistleblowers Movement and the New Federal State of China and the brothers in arms should be a “contribution with respect.” My (Miles Guo) action is to give everything unselfishly to my brothers in arms. The love I give to my brothers in arms is sincere. I contribute the Himalaya coins to brothers in arms. You can take it or not. You can buy it, or not buy it. There is no imposition, no need for you to give anything.

What is the result of pursuing the unbreakable truth?

We break the falsehood to find the truth. To solve the biggest problem between people, it doesn’t require gratitude but kindness. Be kind to your brother Miles Guo. Be kind to your brothers in arms. Treat your family well. Treat your wealth well. Distinguishing good from evil is the most important thing for the Whistleblowers Movement and the New Federal State of China.

After exposing falsehood, loyalty, and sacrifice, the truth cannot be broken. I (Miles Guo) hope the brothers in arms can have a critical discussion about my view on those three words (loyalty, sacrifice, truth). Brothers in arms are in an equal relationship in terms of contribution with respect. We need to decentralize and treat everything with sincerity. Break the falsehood and distinguish good and evil. Treat everything with kindness and be able to discern evil. Don’t speak nasty words or act evil.

Will the Himalaya Coin help to reduce crime and improve human governance?

Remember, if the Himalaya Coin ever breaches the law, it will collapse instantly. Changing the rules has to be within the boundary of the law. Bitcoin is the pioneer of change, but it’s become a tool of crime. If you know the deep web and the dark web, you know what Bitcoin is all about. The Himalaya Coin cannot be a tool for money laundering. The reason for the creation of virtual currencies is the abuse of power by governments. In this case, the Himalaya Coin will become a force to defend justice.

Himalaya Dollar’s operation data exceeded expectations by 170 times.

Just now, Wang Yanping got the data showing that Himalaya Dollar’s profit exceeded the expectation by more than 170 times. All the data of Himalaya Reserve is public. The blockchain is superior because you can’t fake it. It’s incredible. You’re lucky to meet the expectation.

Morgan said Miles Guo can change the world financial system.

Everyone needs to remember that there will never be another opportunity to buy Himalaya coins for 10 cents for the rest of your life. Next year, when we issue another 1 billion coins, the brothers in arms probably can only get 30% off at most. How to use Himalaya Pay and Himalaya Dollar? You can have unlimited imagination. There will be 5-15 high-tech companies like Tesla. In the next 3-5 years, Himalaya Reserve will create 5-10 Rothschilds and Morgan families.

Mr. Morgan said he hadn’t talked to me (Miles Guo) in a few days and was especially worried about me. I respect Morgan’s grandfather the most, who defeated the Rothschilds family back then. We adopt Morgan’s system for our Himalaya Coin today. Mr. Morgan said Miles Guo truly understands the Morgan family’s history and that Miles Guo can change the world financial system. What I really like about the Morgan family is that they donated their wealth to the country.

With the Himalaya Dollar and Himalaya Pay, you could be the new Morgan family. There will definitely be billionaires and ten-billionaires among our engineers. In the future, we will give engineering teams Himalaya coins at a discount every year. How amazing will our Gettr IPO be? How extraordinary will GClubs and Himalaya Reserve’s IPO be?

Can you share the stories of brothers in arms behind the scenes?

The day before yesterday, the data engineers of Himalaya Reserve were going to link all the blockchains together. I (Miles Guo) suggested they have three sets of teams, which is the most expensive way. The suggestion paid off. Three days ago, a data engineer suddenly wanted to resign. The Himalaya Reserve’s chairman has a one-track mind. He promised to have three teams, and they hired three teams. What is the implication? Without this preparation, we would have to postpone the launch for a month or two.

Can the Himalaya Coin help with the anti-vaccine movement and the revelation of the truth about the CCP virus? 

In the last few days, the UN asked Elon Musk to donate $6 billion to solve global poverty. Musk said, “How are you going to spend it?” It’s not that hard for humans to help the poor.

Someone actually contacted me about the vaccine issue. The New York prosecutor who just settled with us wants to run for governor. His contender asked us to make a donation. He said he could stop the vaccine mandates in the US East if he wins. They want Himalaya coins, not dollars. I said yes, but has to wait after the launch of the Himalaya Coin. The European lobby group wanted to be paid in cash, specifically Himalaya coins.

Why did the UN openly ask Musk for money? One day, we raise our arms and shout to the UN,” If we give you $6 billion, will you recognize our New Federal State of China?” The UN will definitely want Himalaya coins.

Eventually, the US will accept digital currencies.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, the US has printed a lot of money. What is the credit card delinquency rate in the US in the past year? It’s a social barometer. The US treasury yield is back to around 2% from 7%. The dollar is weak, but the money is still coming to the US. New York real estate was going down this year, but it came back in a big way. The panic investors have nowhere to go but to park their money in the US. The US has built a big pool, leaving only one opening. The world liquidity is drying up, and the liquidity is flowing into this pool. The Himalaya Reserve built a tub and left an opening for the world’s money too. Our brothers in arms, a total of 30,000 people, have 600 million coins with very little circulation.

Next, something big is bound to go terribly wrong with the dollar. For petrodollars, oil is almost depleted. The credit-backed dollars have no anchoring either. More than 90 funds were asked why they didn’t offer virtual coin products at the London conference. The US is the most heavily regulated country, yet there are lots of virtual currencies. CoinBase will buy all digital currencies as assets. Some countries have now made bitcoin legal tender in their countries. The US will have to accept digital currencies in the end. That’s how incredible the Himalaya Reserve and Himalaya Coin are. A month from now, you will be able to verify what I said.

The CCP decided to invade Taiwan after the Winter Olympics.

Just now, the CCP held a national security meeting. Most of those who wanted to attack Taiwan finally decided to make a move on Taiwan after the Winter Olympics. This is excellent news. Before the Winter Olympics, the CCP won’t touch Taiwan. The Winter Olympics may ultimately bring down the demon, the CCP.

The fake pro-democracy activists are like beggars.

The gang of beggars was at its peak in the Song Dynasty. Their philosophy was to uphold imperial power. This was a gang of psychopaths. The fake pro-democracy activists of our times are like the gang of beggars. Eventually, the Song royal family was abducted, raped, and gang-raped by the enemy. Later the emperor was cooked in flames.

(All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcasts.)

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