H-coin unveiled the mystery

Translated by: Buddhism Team – Accelerator

H-coin was launched ceremoniously at 11:11 GMT on Nov 1st, 2021. During the live broadcast on Gettr, Mr. Guo said that H-coin represented the kindness and mutual love of the fellow citizens of the New Federal State of China (NSFC) because it is own by people who love and help each other. H-coin also stands for the innate justice the NFSC was born with. Overthrowing the evil CCP regime and ridding more oppressed people of the devil is why people launched and purchased it. 

The H-coin ownership of fellow citizen of the NFSC demonstrates the capability in uniting the worldwide forces for good and cofounding this global and transnational Himalaya Reserve, which is a boundless and cost-effective financial system and will definitely become the global reserve. That’s when the NSFC set the new trends in cryptocurrency.

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Reference: https://gettr.com/post/pfpjqpf828

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