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By: MOS Education Team – Peter_Z

Communist China CCTV news reported that Beijing recently re-emerged several cases in multiple regions. The spokesman of the Beijing Health Supervision Institute / Beijing Municipal Health Commission / Beijing Health and Wellness Supervision Institute warned the public to comply with the pandemic regulations; otherwise, they will be held legally responsible. Zhao Cong, an attorney of Beijing Zhong-wen Law Firm, said that the maximum penalty of the constituted crime “endangers public safety by dangerous means” can be death. His statement triggers hot debates on websites. 

In Ruili, a remote border county in Yunnan Province, people suffer from significant psychological trauma and difficulties in living. Sources revealed that some residents are confined at home for nearly one year. They can only purchase foods online or by the “gridman” (sub-district supervisor). If they dare to post any truth on Wechat, their account will be blocked.

The CCP treats the Chinese overseas laborers as discarded chips.  Mr. Liu, currently in Indonesia, said that the COVID-19 test is rigorous and the airfare is high to afford and that now, tens of thousands of Chinese workers are stuck in Indonesia.

Article: China COVID-19 Pandemic News Bief

Posted by: Yuki jiang

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