2021/11/01 China Insight


Oct. 26th, Quanzhou, Fujian. Police arrested a thief who was stealing students’ takeaways and finded out to be the owner of this college canteen, who think that students ordering takeaways will affect his business


Oct. 29th, Maoming, Guangdong. A bus carrying students suddenly caught fire. Fortunately, passers-by promptly reminded them to stop and helped students to evacuate. The fire was extinguished under the concerted efforts of everyone in the end.


Oct. 29th Xinyang Middle School in Henan.A group of brainwashed children mashalling.


Oct. 29th, Chengdu, Sichuan. A 7-year-old child was lost and his grandmother emotional flooding at the street… The probability that the child was lost and retrieved was less than 0.1%, in the Communist China covered by surveillance cameras.


Oct. 29th, Hefei, Anhui. The fire exit was full of iron piles and the fire engine was blocked. A citizen kicked with his feet helplessly.


Oct. 29th, Panzhihua, Sichuan. When the truck driver turned around in suspicion of high fuel prices, he was stopped by the gas station personnel claiming that the driver had broken the speed bump and demanding 300 yuan in compensation.


Due to the discovery of one positive patient (of COVID-19), Qianshan County in Jiangxi will adjust all traffic lights to red on Oct. 30th.


Oct. 30th, Wuhan, Hubei. It was revealed on the Internet that a suspected “Central China Normal University” invigilator was spoted by the owner of who was selling the confiscated iPad.


Oct. 29th, Xingtai, Hebei. Elementary school students were forced to be vaccinated.


The high coal prices have forced the people in the Northeast in China to burn their old clothes to keep warm, because it only cost two cents a catty.


Oct. 28th, Yongzhou, Hunan. A three-year-old boy had fell into an uncovered underground well and his father jumped to rescue him but both drowned.

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