GT Online: China’s Natural Disasters Caused 16.26 Billion Yuan in Economic Losses in October this Year

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According to Shenzhen News on Nov. 2, China was flooded with a variety of natural disasters in October this year, all natural disasters in a single month caused a total of nearly 9 million people affected, in addition to 32,000,000 houses collapsed, farming damage also reached 785,000 hectares, direct economic losses of 16.26 billion yuan.

In October, a total of three heavy rainfall processes occurred in China, the national surface precipitation of 51 mm, 44% more than the same period of the normal year. Northern Sichuan Basin to North China and the southern part of the northeast region, the eastern part of Jiangnan, southern China and other places precipitation more than 1 times more than the same period of the year, central Shanxi, central Shaanxi, central Hebei and other places more than 4 times more than in some areas. Han River, the lower reaches of the Yellow River, the sea and the south of the river system and many other basins in succession rare autumn floods, part of the autumn floods affected areas overlap with the pre-flood disaster areas, aggravating the impact of the disaster. Overall, the October floods caused 16 provinces (regions and municipalities) 3.245 million people affected, 21 people died and disappeared due to the disaster, 308,000 people emergency relocation, 32,000 houses collapsed, direct economic losses of 11.34 billion yuan. Compared with the same period in the past five years, the number of emergency relocation and the number of collapsed houses caused by flooding in October this year is the highest for the same period. In addition, geological disasters such as landslides and mudslides occurred in nine provinces nationwide, mainly in Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan and Gansu.

In addition, there were 2 typhoons that landed in Hainan in October, bringing a greater impact on southern China. High winds and hailstorms in Liaoning and Shandong, and low temperatures in the east-central and northern parts of the country also led to agricultural damage. In addition, there were 7 earthquakes of 4 or more magnitude, causing more than 2,300 people to be affected and more than 1,200 houses damaged.



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