GT Online: HCN Price Soaring by 2600% Within 24 Hours Since the Launch Day

Written by Sarathecat

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Breaking news! Himalaya Coin (HCN), a new player in the global cryptocurrency market launched on November 1st, its price has already gone up by over 2600% within 24 hours, starting at $0.1 to $8.1 at 11am on November 2nd!  It is bringing its holders not just money but a promising future!

According to the HCN White Paper and Himalaya Exchange website,  the HCN is a new cryptocurrency issued by Himalaya International Financial Group, and it is a reliable alternative payment system with enhanced liquidity and transparency. The HCN is an Ethereum-based ERC-1404 token backwards compatible with the ERC-20 standard. The issuance cap is set at 100 billion tokens with an annual release of 1 billion over the next 100 years as of 2021. The issue price is $0.1 per coin.  

After several months of hard work, the HCN has finally been introduced to the market. All the staff from technical, operational, financial, security and other departments of the company gathered together to celebrate this historical moment on the launch day. It was live-streaming on the company’s Youtube channel, and we can see that nobody could hide their big smiles and excitement on the screen.

The HCN is believed to be a great competitor in the cryptocurrency market. It will become not only a common payment method in the world, but an excellent investment tool in the financial market. More importantly, the HCN is considered a nuclear-weapon to defeat the Chinese Communist Party in the financial war! 

Let’s celebrate this historical moment by singing together the song dedicated to the launch of HCN — Hcoin To the Moon written by William Wang and Tang Ping! 

Many thanks to Mr. Miles Guo and all his great teams!

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