Taking Remdesivir Leads to Kidney Failure in 23% of People

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According to a video posted by the G-Translators/Elite Team on Oct. 27, it was revealed that the use of remdesivir to treat the CCP virus may have serious side effects, including a 23 percent incidence of kidney failure.

The source said that according to a study by the manufacturer, Gilead Sciences, 23% of people who use Remdesivir develop kidney failure. Kidney failure can seriously affect the body’s urinary function, resulting in impaired excretion of metabolic waste and water, and water retention in the body because the kidneys cannot adequately filter water, further increasing the chance and severity of pulmonary edema caused by the CCP virus.

Picture Source: https://www.bbc.com/zhongwen/simp/world-53261078

The whistleblower also said that the pulmonary edema will seriously affect respiratory function, followed by the doctor will be tracheal intubation to assist breathing, then basically dead.

The whistleblower urges everyone to find someone they trust to grant medical power of attorney early on. If infected with the CCP virus, the delegate can veto the doctor’s use of remdesivir and tracheal intubation.

The whistleblower also urged people not to go to hospitals that do not accept delegated authority and to tell their doctors not to follow the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) treatment process to avoid the “slaughter” of their families.

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