By This Time Tomorrow, the World Will Have Changed Dramatically

When Himalaya Coin (HCN) launches tomorrow, the following may happen:

  • Himalaya exchange’s system may get attacked by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). But if they do this, it just shows the world how shameless they are.
  • The blood-sucking-vampire investment firms, including those owned and controlled by the CCP, may buy HCN in large amounts to manipulate HCN’s fluctuation and circulation. 

Miles suggests that every HCN holder stay calm and make sure to have a good night’s sleep before launch day.

  • One of Miles’ American friends, who holds 10,000 coins, got very excited and came to ask him yesterday for some sleeping pills. 

HCN represents the Whistleblower Movement’s (WM’s) goodness, justice, and competence. And Miles truly believes that the Himalaya Reserve will be the federal reserve for the entire world. HCN has connected millions of good people and impacts their lives.

  • Many smart WM warriors around the world have made several good deals with HCN.
  • A WM warrior who helped Miles during the hard times texted him that he had transferred all the HCN and assets to his daughter, and he was now ready to die at any moment in Communist China.

Every WM warrior must learn how to use Himalaya Pay and trade HCN properly.

Later today, Miles is going to have a tuna hot pot with some friends from Washington to talk about the current situation in Taiwan, Xinjiang, Tibet and how to destroy the evil CCP.  

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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2 months ago

我们应该问的问题不是“我是否将我的财富托付给纸张和电力等易碎物品?” 我们已经这样做了几十年。 我们应该问的问题是“我怎样才能降低损失的风险?”。 中共对全球商业的破坏提醒人们,即使是政府也不能盲目信任。 像马云这样的商人应该注意。 他们可能会发现自己的救赎在于七哥的新梦想。 The question we should ask is not “do I trust my wealth to fragile things like paper and electricity?” We have done so now many decades already. The question we should ask is “how can I reduce the risk of loss?”. CCP’s disruption of global commerce is a reminder that even governments cannot be blindly trusted. Businessmen like Jack Ma should take heed. They may discover their salvation lies with Seven Brother’s new dream. (对不起 I rely too much on Google Translate)

2 months ago
Reply to  Jay

我对新的加密货币没有充分去中心化深表担忧。 它在日本或美国也不可用。 七哥说,日本和美国是仅有的两个不受中共胁迫的国家。 非常冒险。