Unvaccinated People to be Banned from Berlin Christmas Markets

Translated by: MOS Media Team-CloudSky

The traditional open-air Christmas markets in Germany will begin on November 22. Officials have approved strict entry requirements, which will deny people who have not received double vaccination even if they hold a negative COVID test to enter the markets, including those over the age of 12, according to the Berlin.de on October 28.

Under the strict, visitors to the markets must also wear masks and keep social distancing. In addition, both the WeihnachtsZauber market at Gendarmenmarkt and the Weinachtsmarkt at Roten Rathaus have announced they will enforce the same strictest policy.

However, last week, Ivan Vilibor Sinčić, a member of the European Parliament, commented at a press conference that the vaccine passport can only give people a false sense of security, and it is neither logical nor scientific, so it must be banned. More comments pointed out that the real intention of vaccine coercion policy has little to do with public health. Governments across the world are imposing segregation on societies by weaponized medical apartheid to institutionally discriminate against an oppressed minority (the unvaccinated).

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References: https://www.berlin.de/weihnachtsmarkt/2g/



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