Broadcast|Digging Yunhong International’s Chinese Communist Background

By: MOS Translation Team – 文五月

Mr. Miles Guo  posted a number of Gettrs on Oct. 22nd, revealing that Yunhong Group has a deep Chinese Communist background. 

Mr. Miles Guo showed a number of screenshots on his Gettr to confirm the authenticity of the information. According to the news, the party branch of Yunhong Group Co., Ltd. holds a “Weekly Learning” meeting, which aims to further strengthen the Communist Party’s ideology, style, grassroots organization, and the construction of party members. The news mentions that Yunhong Group states that it wants to put “the spirit of the Party into the talent team and corporate culture.”

In addition, Mr. Miles Guo also mentions in the Gettr that Yunhong’s CEO, Li Yubao, was also named again by Mr. Guo in the big live broadcast on Oct. 24th and has helped Burkina Faso achieve joint development along the Belt and Road. Yunhong Group had also joined hands with the military training instructors of the Armed Forces Department of Taierzhuang District to organize camping march activities. Mr. Miles Guo pointed out that Li Yubao is a member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and one of the shareholders of DWAC, a company acquired by Wu Zheng, both of whom are intelligence chiefs of the CCP. 

We will continue following up the update reports on Yunhong Group.

Article: Digging Yunhong International’s Chinese Communist Background

Posted by: Yuki jiang

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