Miles Whistleblowing 10/29: A SPAC Scam Designed for President Trump

Written by: Ermat

In a live broadcast on Oct. 29, Mr. Guo Wengui said that the Digital World Acquisition Corp. (DWAC) was a big hoax designed by the Chinese Communist Party and that everything President Trump expected would only come to naught.

I would like to make three key points. The first is that in SPAC’s eight hundred and fifty pages of documents, the Chinese Communist Party has given a big pie to cheat President Trump- 296 million USD. If I raise this money, I’ll give it to you. If I don’t raise the money, I won’t give it to you. And I will give you $800 million in stock, not cash, and allow me to raise $50 million. In January 2021 President Trump signed the deed of sale. Until September, they hadn’t raised enough money.

The second is trading volume, trading volume is a core secret. The stock went up so much, but no one bought it, no one traded it. On the first day, the largest trading volume, of course, are their own people to buy. This means that after nine months of operation, they have not found real investors. This is very scary.

The third is the media. You can’t do it. It’s been so long by now and your media is not built. If it doesn’t get built, the money is going to be returned. I really have a hard time imagining he can do that. He need to do a series of mergers and acquisitions. But unfortunately, all the data centers could take it out. I also don’t trust any engineer to do it for him because of the communist background, and that’s not Trump’s problem.

Mr. Guo said that these three articles form this big scam.


2021年10月29日 文贵大直播

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2 months ago

CCP allies trying to trap Trump are themselves now in a trap. Thanks to heroic whistleblower “Seventh Brother” Miles Guo, their scheme has been exposed. If they proceed they prove Mr. Guo’s claims, and even Xi’s cheerleader Biden cannot protect the financial fraud network that will be exposed. If they conduct honest legitimate business, then no-one loses money and Trump will build his network with money the CCP is forced to give him. 试图陷害特朗普的中共盟友现在也陷入了陷阱。 多亏英勇告密者“七哥”郭万里,他们的阴谋被曝光。 如果他们继续下去,就证明了郭先生的说法,即使是习近平的啦啦队长拜登也无法保护将被曝光的金融欺诈网络。 如果他们做诚实合法的生意,那么没有人会赔钱,特朗普会用中共被迫给他的钱来建立他的网络。Imagine if Seventh Brother had to live in Beijing with CCP still in power and try to fix everything as President of China, surrounded… Read more »