Miles Whistleblowing 10/27 Miles Guo Foretells the Denouement of the DWAC Scam

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Mr. Miles Guo invites other co-hosts to predict how the DWAC (Digital World Acquisition Corp.) scam will end and gives his own prognostications as follows in today’s broadcast.

DWAC’s stock price has dropped to USD 53.32, which means that those institutional investors involved in this scam is now losing money. These investors had entered a VAM agreement for this game. To buoy up the stock price to draw in the “bigger fools”, they had to put in around USD 2 billion. When the stock price falls below USD 60 to 50, the scam becomes a losing business. Hundreds of millions of dollars may have been swept away by the two mega US capital management funds which sold off their shares at much higher prices.

All the co-hosts’ predictions about the CCP’s running dogs behind the scam and President Trump being subject to criminal investigations and class action lawsuits, and President Trump losing support of some of the MAGA people, DWAC’s stock price falling below USD 10, etc. will probably come true.

What worries Mr. Guo most is that when the small investors lose their hard-earned money in this scam, they may vent their anger on the Chinese Americans instead of the tough guys, such as Patrick Francis Orlando, DWAC’s director, and the CCP. This scam may whip up anti-Chinese sentiments in the US.

DWAC scam will likely become a heated topic on which the Republican and Democratic Parties lock horns and change the landscape for the 2022 mid-term election and the 2024 presidential election. With the fall of President Trump with this scam, Mike Pompeo, Ronald Dion DeSantis, Greg Abbott, etc. all become promising Republican candidates.

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Reference: Miles Whistleblowing (24/10): DWAC Deal: the CCP’s Killing Trap for President Trump

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