Bruno Wu Was Under Criminal Investigations by the FBI in 2019

Translated by: MOS Gourmet Team – Sky Moon

In his October 24 GTV live-cast, Mr. Miles Guo revealed that nearly ten CCP personnel including Bruno Wu were under criminal investigations by the FBI in 2019. Bruno Wu, who has American citizenship, has not dared to return to the United States ever since just for the sake of evading criminal investigations.

Bruno Wu was seen with his wife Lan Yang at an event.

During the course of being investigated, Wu continued with signing many documents for the US listed companies without disclosing the FBI’s investigation to the public. Such behaviors are considered additional offenses.

When in communist China, Wu was detained and released four times by the CCP. The Party wants to get him under control by threatening while using him in order to continue to carry out the unrestricted legal warfare against the Whistleblower Movement (WM). Bruno Wu and a few others allegedly were involved in market manipulation through a SPAC (special purpose acquisitions company), a shell company controlled by Wu. This will implicate many Wall Street fund companies and law firms to the extent of criminal investigations. Even former President Trump could have been set up and trapped by their scheme.  

Mr. Miles Guo emphasized that Bruno Wu’s family including his wife Lan Yang and his younger brother Bin Wu, have been involved in financial crimes that warrant the investigations by the US intelligence branches. On top of that they have also allegedly manipulated the US judicial system which might have harmed the fundamental interest of America. Wu’s fate will definitely be worse than that of Jian Wang’s (Wang was the CEO of HNA before he died in France).

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References: Mr. Guo 10/24/2021 GTV live-cast

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