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I love you, so I can’t marry you;

I don’t love you, so I can’t marry you.

In affair or romantic stories, this is almost the standard answer for men.


Who are willing to wear a few hoops on his own head?

You are willing to share her elegance with others, that is your freedom.

She is willing to show her smile to other men, that is her freedom.


This is the brothel culture of the Chinese nation that has continued for thousands of years.

When talking about money, just money, and when talking about feelings, only feelings.

It’s so pity that money, body and feelings always seem to get blended…


Just like Du ShiNiang angrily sank her magical box:

“The passengers on the boat and the passers-by coming from the shore all condemned Li Jia’s fickle and Sun Fu’s viciousness. In face of the noise and crowds, Du ShiNiang picked up the treasure box, jumped into the cold water, and disappeared in a blink of an eye.”


Just like Armand and Marguerite:

“Dear Mary: I hope I can love you like a millionaire, but I am powerless. You wish I could love you like a pauper, but I am not so poor. Then let us forget. For you, forgetting an almost irrelevant name, for me, forgetting an unrealized dream. There is no need to tell you how sad I am, because you fully know how much I love you…”


The tragedy of Du ShiNiang lies in the fact that she loved the wrong person. Li Jia has a weak and selfish personality and dare not challenge the social and family ethics at that time, so he will certainly disappoint her.

The tragedy of Margaret lies in the different social status. One is an unfortunate women, and the other is from a noble family.

These two love stories without a good end originated from the tragedies of that time: the huge class and idea gaps, the reality test…


The French writer George Sand may be an another example. She is ugly, short in stature, but talented and lives freely and brightly.

Her list of lovers includes: great writer Musser, pianist Chopin.

It is worth mentioning that she lived together with Chopin for 10 years: Chopin was 6 years younger than her. At the beginning, he has no liking with her because she prefers to pretend to be a man, smoke cigar, drink strong alcohol, wear long pants and ride horse.

George Sang finally used her talent to convinced Chopin. During their cohabitation years, Chopin’s composing career reached the peak of his life. He also composed many well-known scores for her, including “Waltz in C-sharp minor”.


George Sang believes that women can also dominate the sex relationships. Women should not be the target of men’s lust, they could also have their own passions and should be actively satisfied.

In the 1920~30s in France, the concept of “feminism” had not yet been mentioned. It is generally believed that women are an accessory of men, and this has been true throughout the ages.


George Sang relies on her talent to make money and gained her love. This short woman did not follow other women’s traditional ways of marrying and having children. She was passionate, unrestrained, full of wisdom, free from secular and stereotypes, and she fully explained her life and left a lot articles for the future generations. Even Hugo praised her as “a great woman with a unique status”. At the same time, she also published many political essays, deeply involved in the politics of the time, and actively participated in solving social problems. Her achievements far surpassed many seven-foot men of the same era.


Unfortunately, there is only one George Sand in the entire France and the entire world.

Women still have a long way to go if they want to be truly free, and it is definitely not something we can solve by shouting a few words of “feminism”.

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