G Times: Will I get old and turn ugly?

Author/Picture Design: Giselle

Translation: XiaoYu


I love you, so please don’t get old and turn ugly…

I love you, but I can’t stand the way you look when you grow old and turn ugly…

This is the logic of many people.


Will I get old and turn ugly?

For sure.

If you are human, you will grow old. There is no escaping from this.


Just like the way Li Ao humiliated Hu Yinmeng the big star:

His goddess should be like an angel, immortal and insulated from earthly issues. How could she be constipated to a distorted flushed face.

So Li Ao got divorced because of Hu Yinmeng’s constipation. The reason was “she squatted on the toilet and her face was flushed with constipation. That scene was really unbearable”!

What’s interesting is that Li Ao would never mention that he would have constipation or even diarrhea on any occasion… The scene of squatting on the toilet with distorted features must be very “disgusting”


The goddess also eats grains and stuff. Constipation is possible.

Not only might she be constipated, but she will also get sick, wrinkled, hiccup, fart, become old and ugly…

Before you marry her, you should have some common sense. Finding this excuse after divorce and telling it publicly can only show that you are ignorant!

Hu Yinmeng showed her worst side to Li Ao out of trust in Li Ao; Li Ao showed Hu Yinmeng’s worst side to the public, that was Li Ao’s shame!

Therefore, this goddess, who once was even the envy of Brigitte Lin was humiliated by the man she loved so much. Her acting career was completely destroyed, and she almost became a nun.


Leonardo, the handsome Hollywood talent , has put on some weight lately. Many people are annoyed by this. Leonardo is only human. Why can’t he put on some weight? That is his right. Even if he was once “handsome enough to shake up Party Central ,” he also has the right to put on a little weight.

If you really love him, you will care more about whether he is happy, rather than whether he gets old or ugly.

Because everyone will get old and ugly, this is the law of nature.


You could perhaps use money to buy other people’s youth, use fame and fortune to lure young and beautiful girls, you will never need to maintain a long-term relationship with anyone, because youth can be traded with money… but that is definitely not “love”.

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