10/27/2021 Miles Guo: The CCP, which is represented by Bruno Wu, is manipulating the sharp rise and fall of DWAC’s stock price, and only President Trump’s supporters are suffering losses


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1 month ago

If the CCP can manipulate this stock, they can manipulate any stock. When the rest of the market was falling, this stock made impressive gains. 如果中共能操纵这只股票,他们就能操纵任何一只股票。 当其他市场下跌时,这只股票取得了令人瞩目的收益。 As with the manipulation of the 2020 voting results, by exceeding 3% change, the CCP allies made their fraud more difficult to hide. 与操纵2020年投票结果一样,超过3%的变动,让中共盟友的造假更加难以掩饰。 I don’t see how the CCP will survive this. 我看不出中共将如何生存。