UK Officials – Immunity of Fully Vaccinated COVID19 Victims Will Deteriorate

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According to an Oct. 12 article in THE EXPOSE, data from the UK Department of Public Health on COVID19 infections and surveillance statistics on the effectiveness of vaccination against the virus show that fully vaccinated individuals are developing “acquired immunodeficiency syndrome” compared to unvaccinated individuals.

The official government report shows that current double-dose COVID19 vaccine recipients aged 40-70 years have lost about 40% of the body’s normal immune system capacity. And that capacity is diminishing and worsening at a rate of about 5% per week. If this rate is extrapolated, then it is expected that by the end of this year, 30-50 year old vaccine recipients will have lost all immunity and will have zero resistance to all viruses and cancers. And all fully vaccinated people over the age of 30 will also lose their immune system capabilities by March of next year.

The report concludes that, despite Pfizer’s claim that its COVID19 vaccine is 95% effective, the above statistics show that the vaccine’s effectiveness will not only drop to zero over time, but more seriously, it will gradually damage the immune system of vaccinees until it completely collapses. It is certain that vaccine recipients over the age of 30 are in a more critical state than they were before they received the vaccine.

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