GT Online: CCP Vaccine Spread, Ruili Closed Many Times Resulting in Tragedies

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Recently, the virus epidemic in the Communist China seems to have made a comeback. A new round of epidemic is now affecting 11 provinces, including the capital Beijing, where several neighborhoods have been blocked. In the north, over 10,000 tourists are stranded in the Ejina Banner in Inner Mongolia due to the epidemic, and in the south, the small town of Ruili in Yunnan Province continues to be closed for management. 

On social media, including WeChat, Weibo, and Tik Tok, netizens from the Ruili area of Yunnan Province continue to reveal the lives of people affected by the CCP virus. Small and medium-sized businesses are closing down, stores are closing, and people are even committing suicide because they cannot support their families, there were also 59 nucleic acid tests done on children over a year old. Since the virus ravaged Ruili, the city has been closed several times, with the main city area closed and all citizens isolated at home. There are videos that show that the quarantine areas into Ruili are like concentration camps, where people are locked up like pigs, and the sanitary conditions of the quarantine places are so bad that they not only work as a quarantine, but also charge high fees. According to the latest news from Ruili City on October 27, if you want to leave Ruili, you have to quarantine at your own expense for 7-21 days before being released. If you want to leave Ruili, you also have to pay for concentrated isolation 7-21 days before release. Ruili has two national ports of entry and more than 50,000 Burmese workers, and it is still uncertain whether the movement of people has brought about an epidemic. In July, the CCP virus vaccination rate for the vaccine population in Ruili was 96.9%. It is also worth pondering whether there is a stake in the fact that the entire population is supposedly immunized and yet it is being managed so strictly.  

The CCP’s approach to manage the epidemic has been a series of radical measures, such as repeated mass screening, tracking people’s movements through “green codes,” enforced blockades, and strict quarantine of people entering the country. The results have not met the “zero tolerance” requirement, or the fact that the epidemic is not at all what it appears to be with a few simple numbers. In today’s broadcast, Mr. Wengui Guo mentioned the possibility that the CCP might release the virus again this winter and next spring. Is the epidemic now spreading across the country preparing public opinion?


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