Who Is Afraid of the Himalaya Coin IPO?

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Since its introduction, the Himalaya Coin, a sovereign currency introduced by the New Federal State of China, has been blocked one after another. Not only the fellow fighters inside the Communist China need to rack their brains to find various ways to remit money to buy it, even those living in the so-called democratic countries, who want to remit money to buy Himalaya Coins through bank counters or internet banking, have also encountered a lot of resistance.

The resistance of the fellow fighters inside the Communist China is caused by the dictatorial rule of the CCP. If the fellow fighters had wealth and no longer had to be exploited by the government to feed their families, and no longer had to be coerced by the power to be the enemy of the people, even if they were “lying flat”, the CCP would not be able to afford it. It would lose the support of the violent authorities and be unable to rule the people.

And why do those other so-called democratic countries in the world also prevent the fellow fighters who live legally there from sending money to buy Himalaya Coin? Has the Chinese Communist Party bought out all the financial institutions in the world?

Mr. Guo often said on the air that his fellow fighters should have common sense and not put all the evil on the Chinese Communist Party; although the Chinese Communist Party is very powerful in using the “blue, gold and yellow” tactics around the world, it is not that strong, and the Chinese Communist Party’s financial system itself is also in a mess.

Mr. Guo clarified the difference between fiat currency, fiat money,Himalaya Coin and other cryptocurrencies in circulation on the market during the live broadcast on October 20. Mr. Guo said that a fiat currency is a symbol of a country’s government’s power, backed by the government’s credit.

The government has the power to mint money and force the people to accept it by issuing different denominations of paper money in exchange for the productivity and surplus value of the people. In the case of the dollar, for example, when the gold standard was in place, one ounce of gold was equivalent to $34.50, while currently one ounce of gold is equivalent to about $1800. Therefore, the government does not exist credit, and the fiat currency has never been committed to exchangeable with precious metals, and can only be used within a certain range, not free circulation, so it has long lost the properties of money.

Launched by the New Federal State of China, Himalaya Coin is a blockchain cryptocurrency with a reserve of gold in fixed proportion to its value, with responsibility for centralization and decentralization of circulation, very different from other blockchain virtual coins on the market.

In addition, Himalaya Coin has now obtained a payment license in the US and will be extended to other economically developed countries as a freely convertible and circulating cryptocurrency there. It is easy to see that Himalaya Coin not only has the features of value preservation, security and ease of circulation, but its blockchain technology is not restricted by third-party intermediaries (government or banks), which will surely have a huge impact on all other government-issued fiat currencies.

With the loss of the right to mint money, governments will no longer be able to rule the people, and this is what the ruling class fears most.

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