10/27 Galaxy News: “Hoverbike” That Floats Off The Ground May Come Out; Defense Minister: The CCP And Russia Intended As A Demonstration Against Japan

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1. Japanese Government Decides to Provide Emergency Grant Aid to Afghanistan

NHK reported Tuesday that the Japanese government has decided to provide emergency grant aid totaling more than 6.5 billion yen to Afghanistan, which is in turmoil and needs humanitarian assistance due to food shortages. Expressly, through seven international organizations such as the World Food Program (WFP), food such as wheat and beans and shelter for displaced people will be provided. WFP and other organizations have pointed out that 22.8 million people, more than half of Afghanistan’s population, could face severe food shortages between November and next March.

2. Defense Minister: The CCP and Russia Intended as a Demonstration Against Japan

NHK: Regarding the fact that Communist Chinese and Russian naval vessels passed through the Tsugaru Strait and the Osumi Strait simultaneously for the first time, Japanese Defense Minister Kishi pointed out that “it was intended as a demonstration against Japan,” said that he would watch the situation with great concern, and expressed his intention to take all possible measures to monitor the status. Last week, the Defense Ministry confirmed that a total of 10 CCP’s and Russian naval vessels passed through the Tsugaru Strait simultaneously, sailed near the Izu Islands, and then passed through the Osumi Strait at the same time.

“This is the first time we have confirmed a large-scale, long-term activity by (Communist) China and Russia, and it is highly unusual. Moreover, the fact that the ship sailed around our country while conducting military exercises indicates that it was intended as a demonstration against our country,” the Defense Minister said.

3. “Hoverbike” That Floats off the Ground May Come Out

According to NHK, a Tokyo-based venture company has decided to sell a “hoverbike,” which floats off the ground like a drone. The hoverbike was unveiled on Oct. 26. Approximately 3.7 meters long, the hoverbike floats by turning six propellers in the front and back and controlling its rotation with a motor. When the engine was turned on, the vehicle floated up about three meters on the spot and moved through the air in a shape of a figure “8” at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour. The price is 77.7 million yen per unit, and according to the company, this may be the first mass production and sale of hoverbikes in Japan.

Although the hoverbike cannot be driven on public roads at this time, the company that developed it hopes to conduct demonstration tests under an agreement with Yamanashi Prefecture to increase opportunities for its use in times of disaster.

4. Over 70% fully vaccinated in Japan

On Tuesday, a report by Kyodo News pointed out that over 70% of Japan’s population has been fully inoculated against CCP Virus. The data showed that a total of 185.98 million doses had been administered in the country, with 76.7% of the population having received at least one amount. The inoculation rate is now almost on par with Italy, which is second only to Canada, where 72.65 percent of the total population had been vaccinated on Oct. 16. On the other hand, G-7 members of the United States and Britain, initially far ahead of Japan in inoculating their people, have seen their vaccination rates slow after reaching 60%.

5.  NYK to Develop Ammonia-Fueled Ships

According to Kyodo News on Monday, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from ships to practically zero by 2050, a group including the shipping giant NYK has decided to start developing new ships fueled by ammonia, which emits no carbon dioxide when burned. The plan is to use ammonia as fuel while transporting it as cargo to practical use in 2026. The government has also decided to provide up to 8.4 billion yen in support of this group.

6. Japanese Government Held the First Meeting of the “Conference on the Realization of New Capitalism”

According to Kyodo News, the Japanese government held the first meeting of the “New Capitalism Realization Conference” led by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Oct. 26th to initiate discussions to implement a virtuous economic growth and distribution cycle concretely. At the first meeting, the Bureau proposed creating new industries and activating localities to earn the original funds for distribution, building a solid middle class by raising wages and contributing to the next round of economic growth with substantial consumption.

As a growth policy, we are expanding investment in carbon neutrality and digitalization, net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, and regulatory reform. Furthermore, in the distribution policy, it is mentioned that an all-age social security system will be established through the realization of “workers’ insurance for all workers” and other measures to improve the treatment of freelancers and informal workers.

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