[October 24th, 2021] Miles Guo’s GETTR (1st)

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Greetings, my honored fellow fighters, today is Oct 24th. There was a light rain today. So now the weather is very pleasant, and it feels so great.

The SPAC stock is still in the spotlight from last night to now. I just had a glance at it, and its price is up crossing $100 and still climbing. This is a carefully laid out operation (by the CCP and its collaborators), so it will take about 5 weeks for the nature of this event to be brought to light.

Right now, the buying and selling for this stock are all in block trades and large value transactions, all under the manipulation of institutional operations. The purpose is to shuffle the market and mislead investors. If anyone does not believe what I say, go ahead and invest in it.

Those who want to get future compensation can buy some shares when the stock price is high — the higher the price, the better. You do not need to buy too many, 10 shares at most, 5~6 or 6~7 shares will be fine. Then you wait for the stock price to fall, sell all when the price drops to its low — that is my advice.

If you do not believe me and still want to make a long-term investment or buy this stock at a low price and sell high later as an investment — then please go ahead. The stock market is usually a gamble game. A stock such as SPAC is even more of a scam.

I am sure President Trump will understand eventually. Many people cannot keep a cool head when they face big money at first, but eventually they will wake up, for life is always more important than money, and safety is always more important than money — this is the very least common sense.

A friend from Greece contacted me last night. 

“Our government has been a bit secretive lately,” he said, “it seems like there are some things I do not know about. I am asked to go to a secret meeting now. I have heard there will be questions about the cooperation with the New Federal State of China (NFSC). Do you know what this is about?”

 “Oh, really?” I said.

Regarding Albania, Serbia, Qatar, Italy, and Greece — in my opinion, it is easy to understand. Many people approached me and asked what was going on with these 5 nations. All the questions were about their relationships with the NFSC. But after I told them the truth, they did not buy it. “We don’t even know anything about it, how could you know that?” they said. 

Fine, let us wait and see!

You may have noticed the mark on my face. I had been talking on the phone all the time last night, leaving a phone mark here.  

Last night, an American friend texted me: “It is urgent; please call me back at your convenience.” It was very late last night then.

“Is this true or not?” he asked me on the phone. And I told him it was true — “Xi Jinping is on the plane, as we speak, en route.”

“Miles, if this time it is confirmed that your intelligence is accurate, you must be too incredible,” he said. I told him to wait and see. This morning he texted me again, saying this had not been fully confirmed yet. I told him to keep watching.

Remember everybody: Xi Jinping is on his way visiting five countries — Qatar, Greece, Serbia, Albania, and Italy — his visits will end on the 31st. So, the story goes.

This American friend asked me to help verify some of these “rumors” and what that means. I told this person, “It is easy to explain. That means Xi Jinping has knocked off his domestic rivals, including Wang Qishan (Vice President), Meng Jianzhu (former Secretary of the Central Committee of Political and Legal Affairs), Jiang Zhicheng (grandson of former President Jiang Zemin), and Jack Ma (founder of Alibaba). Xi has achieved victory over his rivals.”

The essential part of Xi’s visit is Qatar. The first nation that Xi will go to is Qatar. Why? If Qatar is the first one, the reason must be the previous relationship among Qatar, Deutsche Bank, HNA, and Yang Jiechi (the CCP’s top diplomat), those who once colluded under-the-table. Qatar refused to cooperate with the CCP for a time, but later changed its mind.

What is the other reason for Xi’s visit to Qatar? To show the surrounding countries, like UAE, Iran, and even the entire Middle East Peninsula. Privately, Xi needs political balance. Furthermore, Xi wants to express his gratitude to those who have provided help in the past.

This Qatari woman is quite something. In the Middle East, she is absolutely a figure. She is amazing. She married the man who slaughtered her father, and eventually created the Kingdom of Qatar. She bought out many big luxury brands and invested in many giant corporations around the world. She plays both sides with ease — in the civilized world guided by laws and the underground world full of crimes, including the terrorists. 

Now, look — she begins to play the game with Xi Jinping, which is so unusual. Let us wait and see.  

In addition, nations like Albania, Serbia — Oh, I am sorry, I got one more message from a friend, please, just a second — “Sir, I will call you back; I will call you back; now I am broadcasting.” 

It looks like Serbia and Albania are just two countries along the CCP’s “One Belt, One Road” route. But what are their real roles? They are the CCP’s military bases abroad.

For Greece, one of the most critical concerns is how to make Greece not cooperate with the NFSC. Besides, renew the two countries’ loan extensions for those dock projects in Greece.

For Italy, it is to strengthen their relations, to support Italy to become the “second echelon of power in Europe”. The CCP will not tolerate the previous situation continuing without any change, which is to let Europe be dominated by France, the UK, or Germany.  The CCP intends to support Italy as a new force in Europe, making Italy the “wedge” inserted in Europe.

“You are already on the verge of broke, aren’t you? Do you want me to print money for you and help you survive this crisis?” — the real aim of the CCP is to buy out both the right-wing and left-wing political forces in Italy. So, Italy will be in more danger in the future.

I have heard that the CCP is pushing forward a “repatriation agreement” to repatriate overseas Chinese in Italy. Chinese in Greece can be deported back to China via a mutual legal assistance cooperation agreement between the two countries too. Albania and Serbia will do the same.

Qatar already has some agreements on that with the CCP. Right? Deportation cases have already been undergoing in Qatar regularly, so Qatar is not safe. We have got the information. We know everything about it.

This American friend believes that if it is true, the US must have got some intelligence, but still not so sure about it. And the NFSC helped the US confirm it.

If this intelligence is accurate, the CCP’s intention is clear. It implies that Xi Jinping already had enough confidence to take down his adversaries at home — though not with 100% certainty. Otherwise, he does not have to visit the 5 nations secretly, does he? Also, the CCP’s political attempts in the 5 nations are to challenge the US.

Many people in the US predict that — which I am sure everybody will see happen — this Biden administration will reach a new trade deal with China and restore the regular cooperation between the two countries. This is going to happen.

The two countries will return to a regular trade relationship, a competitive relationship, or even try out a creative new relationship among the two most powerful nations — with goodwill, cooperation, trade, and increased interaction. They will put aside the issue of Covid virus, avoid discussions about the virus, and there will be no investigations of the origin of the virus.  

But everybody should know about this: the more things like this happen, the faster the CCP will be eliminated. Because such a situation caused by the CCP will greatly increase the divisions within the US.

We will see the US midterm election in 2022 and the US presidential election in 2024 with some sparks. We may even witness the sparks develop into a fierce battle or a final showdown between the two parties in the US.

“Should we decouple from the CCP China or not? Should we eliminate the CCP or not?” — finally, such core questions will be raised. The more pressure that accumulates, the more extreme the final decision will be.

The worst situation would be a half-dead situation. The US neither restores the relationship with the CCP nor takes the CCP down — this would be the worst situation for the NFSC and for our cause of eliminating the CCP. Now neither party in the US will put words in their mouth or push the other side to the corner.

“Nutty Xi (Xi Jinping)” is now on a secret flight to visit Qatar, Italy, Greece, Serbia, and Albania. If his trip is a success, he will return to China on the 31st. When he returns to China, he might make a few decisive “big decisions”, showing the whole party before the sixth plenary session of the 19th CCP’s Central Committee –

“Look! Everything is fine with me. Right? Europe kowtowed to me when I went there. I also signed a whole bunch of military cooperation agreements.”

“And the US, check this out: I developed the ‘second echelon power forces’ in Europe. Eastern and Northern Europe gave up resistance thoroughly. I have got Western Europe. Even the Middle East is captured.” 

What can I say? Don’t you feel it is ridiculous? A silly person’s journey. Xi thinks when he returns to China on the 31st, he will lay the political groundwork for the sixth plenary session of the 19th CCP’s Central Committee within the party so that he can proudly present himself when attending the session. Right?

I hope all this is just my imagination. Lots of significant events are underway.

Today is Monday. Brother-7 will continue the long live broadcast with our fellow fighters, who are handsome men and beautiful girls, on Wednesday. That is all for today.

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