Airline Employee Calls on Everyone to Stand Up Against Vaccine Mandate


What comes next
And here’s what comes next, for all passengers listening
If you enjoy travel and you don’t want to be vaccinated
listen closely
There is a bill on the table H.R.4980 that says
Any person who would fly out or
Into a airport inside the United States
Or in one of its territory
Will have to be vaccinated
That’s what’s on line
So we are the tip of the iceberg
The passengers are next
So I am reaching out to everyone
And this is Customs and Border control, teachers, rental-car employees, Truckers, Air traffic Control, airline pilot, flight attendant, health personnel
If you guys want to push back join us
At usfreedomFlyers.Org because we are standing against
We even have people who are vaccinated join us
Because they want to be able to choose Tomorrow
They don’t want to wake up one day and realize
Wow where did all of my freedoms go?
We have To call you Shawn or not use your last name I’m not sure if Shawn is your real name
And your wife doesn’t want to be name
We don’t want to tell Who you fly for
Because you’re afraid of Retribution America we shouldn’t have those things
But we do understand what we are doing we back you in
By the way folks, if you don’t know what Sean is talking about
This is a house bill that is been floating
That Dr. Fauci was asked about on Sunday show this past week
And he said that is not off the table
So there maybe actually a point where you have to be vaccinated Or fly
You need to call your Congress people or get with Sean’s group
The group he just told you about
Shawn’s wife Shawn’s Beautiful daughter
Thank you For joining us today
Thank you for having us
Appreciate it




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