While Internal Fightings in the CCP Intensify, “Invading Taiwan” Becomes a Tool to Divert the World’s Attention

Translated by: MOS Education Group – Maverick

CCP’s Internal Fightings

According to Mr. Miles Guo’s intelligence, at approximately 8:35 a.m. Eastern Time on October 22, a number of CCP submarines deliberately surfaced and appeared in waters of eastern, south-eastern and northeastern Taiwan. The U.S. and Japanese governments have also received information about this, and they have inferred that the CCP will have more crazy belligerent actions in the Taiwan Strait.

The surfacing of a submarine is a serious military provocation, but it is also a common trick used by the CCP. According to Japanese media NHK, as early as January 12, 2018, a CCP submarine once surfaced on the public water of East China Sea and hoisted the flag of Communist China.

As the internal fightings in the CCP are gradually intensifying, the CCP senior leadership has often used the “attack on Taiwan” to dispel the facts of economic collapse and intensifying internal political conflicts. Externally, the CCP tries to divert the world’s attention from their virus and vaccine biological unrestricted warfare. According to Mr Guo’s intelligence and interference, if the CCP attacks Taiwan, influential personnel on the island, such as media commentator Sisy Chen Wen-hsien, rascal politician Hung Hsiu-chu and Eric Zhu li-luan, who are all traitors of Taiwan, will definitely collude with the CCP to control Taiwan’s media and political circles.

Mr. Guo has repeatedly warned his Taiwanese compatriots to prepare for the worst, and take various measures to ensure their safety.

Source: https://gtv.org/video/id=6172b02683e948708d05c1b9

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7 months ago

Like the 1997 movie “Wag The Dog” (from the expression “it’s the tail wagging the dog”). In the movie a President invented a war to distract from a sex scandal. 就像1997年的电影《Wag The Dog》(尾巴摇狗)。 在电影中,一位总统发明了一场战争来分散人们对性丑闻的注意力。https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120885/