The Space Civilization Era Will Begin after the Destruction of Communism

Translated by: MOS Education Group – Maverick

According to Mr. Miles Guo’s broadcast on October 20, low-carbon industries such as self-driving cars, will become economic sector that account for a quarter of the global economy by 2030; Starting in 2030, mankind will be exploring more on the outer space, and launching an immigration program to alien planet. 

In the future of mankind, all groups together will share the same belief, same quality of sperm and eggs, and DNA banks. The world’s currency and finance will also be completely unified. There may not be more than 10 so-called legal tenders in the future, and there is also a chance that legal tender will not exist anymore.

The mankind in the future will be more globalized, safer, and healthier. The earliest group that can enjoy biotechnology, the group that is most-respected in the world, who gets to travel to outer space for free, and possesses independent sovereign currency, will not be anyone else but the owners of G-Club, the Himalaya Federal Reserve, and H-Coin.

After 2025, when humans look back at this moment, they will be thinking everything currently happening is a joke. But prior to that, all our brothers and sisters-in-arms will need to action and complete a task first – Take down the CCP!


Posted by: Malaca

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