Xu Jiayin Confidentially Told His Cronies to Sell Evergrande Related Assets Early in 2020

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Lakers

In a live broadcast on October 24, Mr. Miles Guo emphasized that Xu and Evergrande, including the real estate economy of Communist China, could not continue to be sustained. 

Miles said that as early as 2020, Xu Jiayin had told people who held Evergrande shares in Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Bank to sell their shares as soon as possible. Xu had no confidence in Evergrande’s future at all. So, he informed his friends around him to dump their Evergrande properties as soon as possible. 

Miles mentioned that several people who were hiding money overseas for Xu in Netherlands, Denmark, and Italy had already exchanged their assets for Swiss Francs a few months ago, or else sold them to connections at a discount. One of them wanted to use the 2 billion Euros on hand to invest in Hcoins, which was rejected by Miles. In addition, Xu’s lair, a house located on 57th Street in New York, the dealer tried to sell it to Miles at a 50% discount.

Now, it is the end of the world for Xu and Evergrande, whose assets are being sold and shipped back to the Communist China.

Mr. Miles Guo urges the public to stop having any illusions about Xu, and refrain from being buried with him by the Chinese Communist Party.

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