The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) Talks About The Communist Chinese Spies And How They Operate

Oct. 26, 2021

In a story by the Mail Online on October 26th, 2021, it talks about the blatant and insidious tricks the Communist Chinese government spies play on the Australians, from seducing members of parliament in typical honey trap scenarios to threats of violence to the many Chinese diaspora who live in Australia. There are approximately 1.2 million who have Chinese ancestry living in Australia that’s about 5% of the population. The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, has predicted that espionage and foreign interference will replace terrorism as Australia’s main threat within the next few years.

The ASIO said foreign governments spied on Chinese students and business people living in Australia. “They are monitoring diaspora communities in Australia and, in some cases, threatening to physically harm members of these communities,” it said. Obviously, this has been going on for many years all over the world, but the Chinese government is so blatant and seems to be carrying out many different forms of espionage and spying as well as honey traps all in plain view. ASIO’s director-general of security Mike Burgess said foreign spies operated without ethical boundaries and Australia had to be one step ahead.

“We out-imagined and out-manoeuvred sophisticated foreign adversaries who are effectively unconstrained by law, ethics and resources,” he said. Under the Chinese President Xi Jinping, Chinese nationals living in Australia have been even more active in United Front Work Department groups, arms of the Chinese Communist Party which seek to control the vast Chinese diaspora. There have been many high profile and blatant forms of espionage and spying, in particular the Chinese Communist Party-linked property billionaire Huang Xiangmo, and also former Labor prime minister Paul Keating who was an international advisory board member of the state-owned China Development Bank. Communist China has a long history of impregnating other countries’ political and corporate inner circles and if no-one stands up against these insidious bullies, i am sure it will continue to flourish. The world needs to call out such massive and obvious corruption in the political and business realms and expose the evil of the Chinese Communist Party and its dirty tricks, as well as the evil, greedy and shameless people that open their arms as well as their pockets to the Communist regime.

To read more more about this story please click here:   Inside the insidious tricks Chinese spies use on Australians – as shocking report reveals they think nothing of making physical threats and seducing politicians

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