【Global H-Coin】The Financial and Monetary System Beyond the Boundaries of Nations

A Brief Discussion of the Unlimited Possibilities of the Himalaya Ecosystem

Author – 泰山 Taishan   Translator: 秋刀鱼 Qiudaoyu

It is indeed a long-awaited event. On April 26, 2021, the Himalaya Coin (HCN), Himalaya Dollar (HDO) and the Himalaya Ecosystem from the New Federal State of China were finally born. It was a memorable day and both the political and economic structures worldwide were forever changed. Furthermore, the Himalaya Ecosystem caused a critical change in global financial history. “New world, New Currency”;  a brand new digital age has begun. The HCN is not only a bright morning star in the digital currency world, it also represents a revolutionary financial innovation in the digital age. The birth of the Himalaya Ecosystem is destined to fundamentally change our ways of living and make our world more exciting.

1. The advantages of HCN/HDO and Himalaya Exchange compared to other digital currency exchanges:

1) A convenient dual currency system

The Himalaya currency system consists of HCN (floating coin) and HDO (stable-coin). One billion HCN will be issued per year for the next century and 20% of the total proceeds will be used to purchase gold as a way of asset allocation of the Himalaya Reserve. This single principle will dwarf any existing digital or cryptocurrency.  HDO can be exchanged with US dollars at a one-to-one ratio. In the future, HCN and HDO can be exchanged freely at market price. After the introduction of the Himalaya Pay App, the exchange between HCN, HDO and USD can be done instantly. Users will have full and secure control over their wealth, breaking free from the bondages imposed by the CCP and the banks in the West. They can truly enjoy all the goods and services provided by international brands within the Himalaya Ecosystem.

2) Achieves the goal of the preservation and appreciation of wealth

For the past many years, many countries around the world have been using the quantitative easing method as their monetary policy leading to the possibility of hyperinflation. With the impact of the Covid-19 virus to the world economy, a sudden collapse of the global financial market can happen at any moment. The NFSC has gained a good reputation through its efforts of spreading the truth about the CCP and the virus for the past four years. It is inevitable that HDO and HCN will form a safe haven for international financial assets before a global financial crisis hits. As per the vision of Miles Guo, the ultimate goal of HDO and HCN is to provide a stable and reliable currency at the same grade of a sovereign currency that can be used both in circulation and as a reserve. The credibility and positioning of the HDO and HCN are not possessed by any other digital currencies.

3) HDO and HCN truly ensures the protection, concealment, succession, tax avoidance and freedom of control of the assets

By using the unique payment platform named Himalaya Pay App, members and merchants can enjoy various instant financial services including transferring, withdrawing, borrowing and making investments. Given the security features provided by the crypto technology, the platform also provides the secure succession of wealth, which can replace the function of a family trust and save a large amount of management fees. This is also a feature lacking in any other types of cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH and HT. These types of digital currencies have the disadvantages of lacking liquidity and having high transaction costs.

4) The Himalaya Exchange utilizes military-grade encryption technology

Himalaya Exchange is the first crypto exchange that introduces 3FA (3-Factor Authentication) in order to ensure the security, independence, and efficiency of the exchange. It is not susceptible to cyber attacks and has its own power supply system, which is not possessed by any other cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

5) Unlimited future applications

The G-Fashion and G-Mall within the G Ecosystem are bringing products and services from international brands to club members to supply the needs of all aspects of their lives. It is important to know that HCN and HDO can be used as a direct payment on the G-fashion and G-mall platforms. It will provide a convenient, efficient and unique shopping experience, a feature lacking in any other digital currency.

2. The uniqueness and unlimited potential of the Himalaya Ecosystem

1) The Himalaya Exchange is collaborating with global leading brands to provide products and services covering all aspects of people’s lives including clothing, food, housing, travel, entertainment and retirement. It has a promising future.

2) The Himalaya Ecosystem is a network for innovation. The user can make payments, shop securely, move funds and exchange cryptocurrencies.

3) The uniqueness of HDO and HCN lies in the fact that it can provide the possibility of unlimited appreciation as well as a wide range of practical applications.

4) The goal of the Himalaya Pay System is to establish a standard of direct entry into a global market, meanwhile supporting the interaction between businesses and block chain technology. It simplifies the process of buying and selling. The Himalaya Pay System also provides an instant and secure settlement platform and will enhance the bound between the members and merchants globally.

5) Himalaya Pay App is a fast and secure way that enables cryptocurrencies to be a payment solution for products and services. Our App provides the merchants of the Himalaya Ecosystem with a robust and user-friendly online payment infrastructure, which will lead to a satisfying customer experience.

6) In the future, more functions with regards to services of financial derivatives will be added to the Himalaya Ecosystem. Members will be able to use HCN and stocks of GTV/GNews as collateral to obtain financing. It is designed to optimize the financial conditions of the HCN holders and G-Series investors, while assisting with their tax planning.

7) In the future, the Himalaya Big Data Analytics System will be an infinite treasure.  With the growth of the number of participating merchants and members, the value of the data from this platform will increase as well. It can be used to analyze consumers’ spending habits and accurately identify promising startup companies. The Himalaya Ecosystem can act as a hatchery of new businesses. It can connect investors with entrepreneurs in a timely fashion given HDO/HCN can be used as a financing tool. It will assist the startup businesses with obtaining financing. It will encourage people to start new businesses and trigger a boom in the total productivity of the society.

Now mankind is facing one of most fundamental changes of the past few centuries – the arrival of the digital age! We have experienced different financial and social systems in the past: from the barter-trade system to bookkeeping-trade system to currency-trade systems. The total production and trade capacity of mankind can no longer be limited by the existing currency systems. The currency of the future is destined to take on a form other than a sovereign currency.

A currency is the foundation of a country. Given the significant increase of the global population in the past few decades, the existing sovereign-currency systems cannot satisfy the need of trade as a result of the rapid growth in productivity. Only the digital currencies with the features of low cost, high efficiency and strong security can satisfy the need of modern productivity. The immense productive and trade capacity generated by 7 billion people have to be fulfilled by using digital currencies and they are necessary with the development of the society. So far the Himalaya Currency System from NFSC is unique and cannot be found anywhere else.

The design and the birth of the Himalaya Ecosystem is a gift from the heavens.  It is destined to destroy the current establishment where the pricing power and the distribution of wealth are fully controlled by governments and the swamps. A new order must be built and the same power must be returned to the people.

(The view of this article only represents the NZ Finance-GClub)

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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