How Himalaya Coin, GTV Stock Protected Fellow Fighters After CCP Extermination

【Japan Himalaya League】 Author: 北极  Translator: Ranting

The layout of Mr. Guo’s Himalaya Coin has been well thought out in terms of protecting his fellow fighters. Japan Himalaya League reported on October 21 on one of the roles Himalaya Coin plays in protecting fellow fighters, and according to Mr. Guo’s live broadcast on March 11, Himalaya Coin combined with GTV will protect fellow fighters from the impact of the global economic collapse and have an adequate future after the extinction of the CCP.

Mr. Guo analyzed in the live broadcast that 5 major events will happen in the world next: first, the CCP virus will drag down the US and Western economies this year; second, after the collapse of the Western economies, it will force public opinion to turn sharply to the right and tend to be conservative and pragmatic; third, after the collapse of the existing economic model caused by hyperinflation, biotechnology, AI technology and space technology will develop rapidly in the future; fourth, after the CCP virus breaks the Western after the bubble economy, a new financial landscape will be born, with cryptocurrencies prevailing and replacing the traditional economy; fifth, the result of the above economic development will eliminate all dictators.

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Mr. Guo said that the purpose of rebuilding GTV in this situation is to ensure the safety of the fellow fighters’ wealth in case of economic collapse and to have enough future after going through the crisis, and then the fellow fighters will become the richest people in this world.

The author believes that this is not the point, Mr. Guo is actually most concerned about how to help his fellow fighters go through this crisis. Mr. Guo said that the most important thing now is to be able to apply for a banking license for Himalaya Reserve as soon as possible, so that the fellow fighters can mortgage their stocks in Himalaya Reserve in the future, and when this crisis comes, they can use the money from Himalaya Reserve to buy some G-Fashion and properties.

Obviously, Mr. Guo’s Himalaya Coin and GTV are laid out in order to enable his fellow fighters to avoid suffering economic hardship under the impact of the global economic collapse and to have enough capital to start a family after the impact, that is, after the extinction of the CCP.

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