The Former government Spokesperson Calls on Facebook CEO Zuckerberg to Resign

Translated by: MOS Translation Team- LaoSan

As more insider revealed the fact is about to Facebook spread the false information, on October 23 a spokesperson for the former US President Barack Obama’s Treasury Department, Carla Alemo called on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to resign.

After the Facebook whistleblower Francis Hogan stepped forward, another anonymous witness made charges against Facebook.  Currently the two witnesses are in agreement. In the new witness’s affidavit, there was a striking sentence which is to Facebook didn’t take action immediately to help the curb racial killings and caused the former employee to feel very painful.

Allemo said, “In the face of false information, Zuckerberg did not try to do anythings. Obviously, Zuckerberg is lack of the ethics or ability to solve these problems.” Faced with a series of accusations, the only way Facebook CEO thought of it to modify the company’s name. In this regard, Mr. Jason Miller said in Gettr that the public has lost trust in the network, and Zuckerberg wants to modify the company’s name to get through the crisis, which will not play any role.


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