U.S. Officials Claim That the CCP Improperly Used UN Resolutions to Prevent Taiwan from Participating in International Affairs.

Translated by: MOS finance team – Linda Progress

On October 22, 50 years after the UN General Assembly passed Resolution 2758 in 1971, US State Department officials criticized that the CCP had consistently used the resolution inappropriately to prevent Taiwan from participating in all UN system meetings and activities.  The United States is working in various ways to expand Taiwan’s participation in the United Nations and the international community.


Wang Liangyu, Taiwan’s deputy representative to the United States, said that the CCP uses its influence in the United Nations system to exercise its national will.  It not only affects Taiwan, but also affects the effective operation of the United Nations multilateral system.

Hua Ziqiang, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian Affairs of the US State Department, said that the United States regards Taiwan as a valuable partner and a good force in the international community.  Taiwan’s exclusion from the United Nations system is not only a cost to Taiwan, but also makes all United Nations members pay a price.

Looking back in history, the United States has rejected the United Nations citing the CCP’s declaration of sovereignty over Taiwan.  The United States has not formally recognized the CCP’s sovereignty over Taiwan, nor has it made a decision on Taiwan’s political status.  It was also emphasized in a statement submitted to the United Nations that the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2758 did not confirm the fact that Taiwan is a province of the People’s Republic of China, nor did it mention the sovereignty of the CCP over Taiwan.  The People’s Republic of China has never governed Taiwan, and only a democratically elected government can represent the 23.5 million Taiwanese people.


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