Contractor reveals misery due to GD petrochemical project owes wages

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Guangdong(GD) Petrochemical Refining and Chemical Integration Project (provided by the interviewee)

A contractor, Mr. Li, said, “We have ten people and we have been working for two months so far. They owe us a total of 300,000 yuan in wages and we only got 20,000 yuan. The reason is that the project department has no money. Although the company belongs to State-owned enterprises and supported by the state, but they will not care about our wages paid or not.”

The GD Petrochemical Refining and Chemical Integration Project of China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation is the “No. 1 Project” of the 10 billion investment projects in GD Province. It is located in the Dananhai Petrochemical Industrial Zone, Xixi Town, covering an area of 953 hectares. According to the contractor told the Epoch Times reporter on October 22, that half of the project has not been completed, exactly (ChemNet reported that the target is to be completed and put into production in June 2022), before (2014) due to corruption investigations. There was a pause for many years, and work was not resumed until 2019.

According to him, their monthly salary is about 8,000 to 10,000yuan, because sometimes it rains and can’t work. The exact amount depends on the weather.

He also said that not only them, but many teams can’t get the money. Because they couldn’t get the money, they had more than 20 people at first, but now there are just 10ish people left.

He also said that there has been no money here, some have not been paid for a few months. The more they done, the more unpaid amount due, it goes up to millions of dollars. And because they couldn’t get the money, some people couldn’t bear and jumped off the building, some climbed the tower crane, and blocked the project department. On the afternoon of October 18, another Hubei native climbed onto the steel pipe rack to ask for his salary, “He is not a contractor, but a migrant worker, and he also invited a few friends to do things with him and then owed them more than 100,000yuan, including himself. “, “Because he can’t get the money and nobody cares, he can’t stand it.”

On the afternoon of October 18, a Hubei native climbed onto the steel pipe rack to ask for his salary. (Provided by interviewee)

Because of his action, “the company’s leaders and security officers all came and persuaded him to come down.” But it is still negotiating (salary matters) and nothing has been resolved.

He said, “We also brought the workers to the project department office and they blocked the department. For this reason, the project department promised to pay such as at the end of the month and even set a date of payment. In the end, they still did not get the money on that time.” If the promise payment is 100,000 yuan, I can only give 20,000 yuan at most. Up to now, I have been promised 3 times.”

According to this contractor, the project was undertaken by the engineering company, and then subcontracted to labour services, and the labour services then hired migrant workers like them. The project is subcontracted numeral times like this.

However, he said, “We won’t do such work from now on. We are afraid that we can’t get the money. And because we can’t get the money, we can’t afford to buy the tickets back home.  So we got to find a way to make them pay us the bill.” In addition, he also said that there are daily protesting demanding for wages, because the construction is so huge.  

GD Petrochemical Refining and Chemical Integration Project (provided by the interviewee)

Another unnamed migrant worker also told The Epoch Times, there are so many people coming in and out here. Almost every day there are disturbances (demanding for wages). There are dozens of such disturbances every day. Every three or two months there would be a person dead due to unpaid wages. Seven or eight died this year. At Gate 11, two workers were killed in a year because of the workers running around. “Some time ago, a worker slept under the boss’s car demanding for his wages but the boss just ran over him.”

He said that it is driven to revolt, and many people had same heart to die at the time. Many others brought with them millions to invest here, but they all not only lost everything , also in the desperate to suicide.

Subcontractor boss Mr. Li also said that once a dead happened, the boss will not expose it. Generally, they would settle it privately and will not follow the formal lawfully procedures.


If you wonder why the quality of the constructions in China were so poor, because it is the normal practice that “the project is subcontracted numeral times”.

If you wonder how splendid the façade of big cities in mainland China look, you would know they have been constructed by millions of these unpaid migrant workers, mostly from the poor countryside. And CCP government never bothered to pay the labours.

What is worse, the workers have been jailed when they went to force the government projects for their due pay as they were said to commit the crime of “disturb social harmony.”

  • This is one glimpse of CCP’s timebombs in the land of China, with poor quality civil construction of high rising skyscrapers, bridges, dams, railroads, etc. to collapse or burst one day.
  • This is on e glimpse of how Chinese people enslaved by the CCP to be unpaid slaves.
  • This is one glimpse for the world to think the projects CCP understook around the world.

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