Taiwan Scholar: Putin Looks Down on Xi Jinping

Written by: Ermat

Image Source: www.voachinese.com

According to a report by the Free Times on Oct. 25, Fan Shiping, a professor at the Institute of Political Science at Taiwan Normal University, believes Putin’s political tactics are much higher than Xi’s and that he always looks down on Xi Jinping.

Fan Shiping said on Facebook that Putin always has a mysterious and contemptuous smile on his face when he is with Xi Jinping. Putin’s political tactics are brilliant. He has been president for a total of 21 years without destroying the pre-institution. Despite questions about the fairness of Russian elections, he was elected as a democratically elected president by the ballot box. Xi Jinping, on the other hand, also destroyed the original system by abolishing the term system and replacing it with a lifetime system through a constitutional amendment in order to succeed him at the end of his term as president. His legitimacy is much weaker, and the people are very disgusted. Fan Shiping said: “Xi Jinping’s term is coming to an end, why doesn’t he let Li Keqiang become the president and he become the premier? He is still the general secretary of the party and the chairman of the Central Military Commission anyway, so why is he so insecure? Must he be the president of the country? Why is he so distrustful of Li Keqiang?”

In addition, China and Russia have conducted many large-scale naval exercises over the years. This has given the outside world the illusion that China and Russia have reached a military alliance. But Putin stressed that China and Russia will not form a military alliance.


「普廷一直看不起習近平」 范世平:兩人手腕高下立判

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