Taiwan 15-Year-Old Girl Dies After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine

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A 15-year-old school girl in Taoyuan City died 21 days after receiving the Pfizer vaccine, Apple News reported on Oct. 25.

According to reports, the unfortunate death of the student is a 15-year-old female special education student surnamed Ye, 15 morning after physical education class about 30 minutes due to physical discomfort sitting in the stairwell rest, suddenly lost signs of life, after being sent to the hospital emergency, but still declared dead.

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The 15-year-old girl was vaccinated with Pfizer vaccine on September 24, and became unwell in physical education class on October 15, and the nurse arrived to administer CPR and AED first aid. After the administrative examination, the results of the analysis may be caused by brain neuropathy, the family has applied for vaccination victim relief.

It was reported that there were 2 new cases of death after AstraZeneca vaccination in Taiwan during the same period, aged between 58 and 89 years old, which occurred between 5 and 8 days after vaccination. During the same period, there were 4 new cases (2 females and 2 males) of death after Modena vaccination, aged 57 to 82 years, which occurred between 1 and 93 days after vaccination.

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