Brave Sportsman Enes Kanter Stands Up To Communist China’s Blatant Genocide

Oct. 25, 2021

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In a revealing story in Breitbart on October 24th, 2021, it states that Enes Kanter a Boston Celtic center has decided to double down on his attack on China’s “brutal dictators,” this time issuing a call for them to stop oppressing the country’s minority Uyghur population. Enes Kanter gained worldwide interest when he decided to wear his controversial footwear stating “Free Tibet” and “Free Uyghurs”. Last week, Kanter directed his criticism at China for its horrific treatment of the people of Tibet with a video in which he took the Communist Chinese to task and accused China of committing “cultural genocide” against Tibetans.

His video resulted in a quick reprisal by the Chinese government as all the Boston Celtics games were immediately deleted from Tencent, China’s NBA broadcast partner. Yet this is another example of the Communist schoolboy bully being embarrassed in front of the world, so the spoilt little bullies simply took the games off the air, like a child taking the ball away. These Communists need to be shown that people are not ok with bullying dictatorships, taking advantage of groups of people that have a different culture and religion and way of life to them.

The superstar basketball player went on to say that right now, as I speak this message, torture, rape, forced abortions, sterilizations, family separations, arbitrary detentions, concentration camps, political reeducation, forced labor, “This is all happening right now to more than 1.8 million Uyghurs in the Xinjiang region in northwestern China.”

Surely Enes Kanter deserves to be “sportsman of the year” for his brave and truthful stand on the blatant brutality and genocide committed by the bullying Communist regime.

News Link: NBA’s Enes Kanter Won’t Back Down on Calls for ‘Heartless Dictator of China’ to ‘Free the Uyghur People’

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