Secretary Pompeo: CCP Premeditatedly Tear Up International Order

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On October 25, according to a video posted by Andy at Gettr, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a speech at the World Knowledge Forum that the Chinese Communist Party is led by a group of thieves who are premeditatively disrupting the international order.

In his speech, Secretary Pompeo said, “We have seen three ruptures in the world right now, all of them caused by the Chinese Communist Party and will lead to the destruction of peace throughout the world.”

He further explained that the first rupture was caused by the spread of the virus released by the CCP to the world, i.e. the CCP used lies to cover up the release of the virus from the Wuhan lab and manipulated the WHO into groveling to the CCP on the virus, showing its internal corruption. The Wuhan lab is still in operation today, and the national lab that was supposed to prove the origin of the virus, stop the outbreak, and look at the genome of the virus and where the outbreak started, is now killing millions of people around the world and continuing to cause harm and burden everyone.

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The second rupture is triggered by the CCP’s proposed Belt and Road project, which induces developing countries to sign up for debt in the name of infrastructure construction causing corruption. Moreover, the terms of the agreement are not as transparent as internationally required and explicitly require debt defaulting countries to cede their national assets, which these countries may use as collateral in order to repay the debts lent by the CCP.

The third rupture is triggered by the Chinese Communist Party’s ambition to replace the United States. For example, the CCP tore up the Sino-British Joint Declaration that was supposed to be observed until 2047, which was clearly written within the UN Charter of 1895, was to give Hong Kong a high degree of autonomy as a special administrative region of the CCP before giving the CCP access to Hong Kong’s market and the fruits of its freedom. Today, seeing the tragic state of Hong Kong and the contempt the Chinese Communist Party has shown for its previously promised obligations, there is no longer any belief that any official document signed by the Chinese Communist Party will be implemented.

Secretary Pompeo concluded by emphasizing that “the Chinese Communist Party is premeditatedly tearing apart the entire international order, it is a robber regime, the Chinese Communist State is led by a group of thieves.”

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