GT Online:CBHB Deposit of 2.8 Billion Yuan is Suddenly “Disappeared”

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According to a report from Sina on Oct 25, 2021,  two subsidiaries of Jimin Trust Group — Shanhe Pharmaceutical and Hengsheng Pharmaceutical accidentally found that the RMB2.8 billion in their saving accounts in Bohai Bank was used to guarantee a loan pledge for another company (Huaye Petrochemical)without their permission at all.

Later Shanhe Pharmaceuticals and Hengsheng Pharmaceutical had subsequently attempted to withdraw the money from the saving account, and the banks were unable to provide the money. It is even worse to know that Bohai Bank wants to continue to use Shanhe Pharma’s rest of 500 million yuan for Huaye Petrochemical’s loan. Bohai bank even claimed that if they did not cooperate, the 2.8 billion would also be frozen. Later, Huaye Petrochemicals failed to repay the loan on the due date, Bohai Bank Nanjing Branch forcibly took 450 million yuan of deposits from Hengsheng Pharmaceuticals for the purpose of Huaye’s loan again.

 The banks controlled by the CCP are stealing people’s wealth,more and more money will get disappeared with the snowball effect. When more and more people find out their savings have been all taken away and never get the money back, people will have no way out but fight back. There is no rule of law in communist China,  if we want to get back our own wealth, take down the CCP !


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