Poll Shows 77% of Americans Believe Facebook and Twitter are Hurting the American People

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According to a poll published by Quinnipiac University on October 20, 77% of Americans said that social media such as Facebook and Twitter do more harm than good.

The university’s polling analyst commented that this result is a resounding slap in the face of social medias such as Facebook, and Americans believe they are hurting the American people.

Earlier this month, Facebook’s internal whistleblower, Francis Hogan, testified before Congress that Facebook had been operating in the dark, harming children, creating divisions and undermining democracy, while making huge profits at the expense of the public. She believes that social media should not get free passes because public security is now paying for it.

According to Hogan, Facebook deliberately hides important information from the public, the US government and governments around the world. She called on Congress to take the necessary action. At the hearing, senators from both parties agreed that Facebook needs a reform.

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