U.S. Congressmen Wrote to the International Olympic Committee to Reiterate the Postponement of the Beijing Winter Olympics

Translated by : MOS Gourmet Group – Chevalier

Bejing Olympic 2022

On October 21st, Senator Marco Rubio, and Rep. Chris Smith of the US Congress and Executive Committee on China wrote to the International Olympic Committee, in order to reiterate the call to postpone the 24th Beijing Winter Olympics. The letter urged the International Olympic Committee to ban the Chinese national team from participating, and stated that it would withdraw its previous so-called “neutrality on all global political issues” decision.

The letter stated that when the CCP is actively engaged in genocide, the Olympic Committee should refuse to honor Beijing to host the Olympics. Because opposing genocide is a moral decision, not a political decision, the IOC has no immunity when it comes to responsibility for moral decisions.


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