GTV, GETTR Will Lead Humanity to New Heights

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During the live broadcast on October 22, Mr. Guo analyzed the development trend of GTV and GETTR, saying that social media is more useful than nuclear weapons, and GTV and GETTR will lead humanity to new heights after completing the deployment of both finance and faith.

Mr. Guo said that social media can be so powerful that it can sway the entire world’s thinking and direction, but nowadays, social media are often dictatorial brainwashing, delivering information for political purposes. Mr. Guo gave the example of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which is well versed in the ways of the media and spares no expense in BGY national media, resulting in all information unfavorable to the CCP not appearing in news reports, just like the CCP virus, with the media unanimously covering up the truth.

Regarding the trend of social media, Mr. Guo emphasized that social media and world financial activities are closely related and the two will always be inseparable, adding that the media will be one of the financial tools.

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More importantly, the future of social media will be a great unification of all human religions and beliefs. Media platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter and others will have to be recognized by the vast majority of people of religious faith in the future, Mr. Guo said.

Mr. Guo revealed that GETTR Pay will be launched around May next year, when the related financial policy will be accepted by many countries, and GTV, as a platform to exterminate the CCP, will become a brand new information platform after the extermination of the CCP, and turn into a global media platform with GETTR in the future, and play the role of building a bridge between East and West. And Chinese people will come here to find warmth after the absence of the CCP.

Mr. Guo said that GTV and GETTR are deploying in advance to fully secure the spread of faith in social media and the security of financial instruments. When these two deployments are completed and functioning well, the power they exert will become stronger and stronger! We expect this influence to lead humanity to new heights.

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