Jack Ma is Not on a Cruise Vacation, but Trying to Stay in Spain using excuses of Disposing of Assets

Translated by: MOS Health Team – Wenfei

Recently, several Chinese media reported that Jack Ma is taking a leisure vacation on his yacht in Spain. However, intelligence sources from Miles Guo unveiled that Jack Ma was escorted to Spain with CCP spies and forced to sell the assets that he holds on behalf of the CCP Kleptocrats. Jack Ma is not on his Yacht. The fake news indicating that he is on a yacht enjoying vacation is nothing but diverting public attention.

Jack Ma

The CCP required Jack Ma to return to China immediately after selling his assets. However, after the CCP realized that Jack Ma had bought some of the spies supposed to supervise him, the CCP replaced more than a dozen spies on October 22, the second replacement.

To be noted, Jack Ma requested to extend his stay in Spain for two more weeks with the excuse of selling the overseas assets. It seems that Jack Ma is fully aware of the dangers lurking around him and hopes to find all possible opportunities to escape from them.

The Whistleblower Revolution always had accurate intelligence about Jack Ma’s whereabouts and will continue to unveil the truth.




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