The World Of Free Speech Is So Much Better With GETTR

Oct. 25th, 2021

Source: Internet

In a story by Sky News on October 24th, 2021, Gettr CEO Mr. Jason Miller was interviewed about the astonishing rise of the new free speech app namely “GETTR” and how in less than four months it has had almost 3 million downloads since its launch on July 4th, 2021. Mr. Miller went on to say that GETTR will not put anyone in “digital Jail” for simply speaking their minds unlike other platforms, and it’s obvious that many different people have many different views not only politically but also culturally and ethically. But GETTR is the first real platform that champions free speech and a safe place to discuss real subjects in our very real world.

Mr. Miller also stated that, “You can’t for example threaten people with bodily harm, or you can’t use racial or religious epithets”, and also “We make sure we monitor the environment to make it safe for people.”

I think it’s obvious to say that GETTR will continue to grow all over the world, as more and more people feel the need to engage in a platform that not only delivers free speech but also encourages different points of views and opinions. We live in such a divisive world, and surely the best way to fix this is by having dialogue with people from different standpoints and mindsets. The world is now ready for a new platform like GETTR. The world is now in a position where it needs GETTR, and the world now deserves GETTR. LONG LIVE GETTR!  LONG LIVE FREE SPEECH!

For more information about this story, check out GETTR online and please click here: New free speech app GETTR won’t put users in ‘digital jail’ for speaking their minds

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2 months ago

Great job Mr. Cow and Marialu! Salute to Mr. Jason Miller who has been leading GETTR so successfully! We love you Mr. Miller!!! Yes, the world is desperately in need of something like GETTR, a place where people can express themselves freely, without fear of being censored, canceled, or removed! It’s high time to stop big techs like Facebok, Twitter and Google etc. and the mainstream media’s ugly practice of being the fact-checker, deleting things they don’t want the public to know, hiding the truth, colluding with the far-left political and financial power players, maneuvering the world, brutally committing genocide… Read more »

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