Trump’s New Social Media Is Quite Controversial As It Is Very Partisan

10/22/2021 Axios business editor Dan Primack: The social media company Trump just announced as well as the SPAC behind it are controversial as it is very partisan and would be led by the personality and chaired by Donald Trump, not to mention that SPAC is based in Wuhan, China.

By: 【秘密翻译组-精翻组 G-Translators/Elite Team】

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2 months ago

If ties to CCP China are a source of concern, Seven Brother is in trouble (he regularly boasts of connections inside CCP China).😁 如果说与中共中国的关系令人担忧,七哥就有麻烦了(他经常夸耀中共内部有联系)。 Those who grew up under a brutal dictatorship (such as the brutal regime in CCP China) may not understand. 那些在残酷的独裁统治下长大的人(比如中共的残暴政权)可能不明白。 In a free society, everyone is free to form their own opinions. 在一个自由的社会里,每个人都可以自由地形成自己的观点。 In a free society, everyone is free to choose with whom they associate. 在一个自由的社会里,每个人都可以自由选择与他们交往的人。 In a free society, one side does not have to be all right, or all wrong. 在一个自由的社会中,一方不一定是对的,也不一定是错的。 This is what makes a society free. 这就是使社会自由的原因。 Donald Trump is like… Read more »

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