Miles Whistleblowing (24/10): DWAC Deal: the CCP’s Killing Trap for President Trump

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Mr. Miles Guo dropped another bombshell in today’s broadcast regarding the killing trap the CCP set for President Trump with the DWAC deal.

Chart of DWAC from TD Ameritrade

The former US president Donald Trump established Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) with a view to launching his own social media platform Truth Social. On October 20,TMTG announced its merger with a special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC), Digital World Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: DWAC), which will thereby buy out TMTG’s intellectual property.

Afterwards, DWAC witnessed its share price rocket from the low of USD 10.5 on October 21 to an eye-popping high of USD 175 the next day and close the day at USD 94.2. The trading volume of this newly listed stock also went on a roller coaster ride from 1,070 shares on its first public trading day of October 18 to around 50 thousand, 700 thousand, 500 million in the following days and then dropped to 133 million on October 22 when the price peaked at USD 175.

Mr. Guo, exposed the 11 institutional investors involved in this egregious show of stock manipulation by the CCP as listed below:

  1. Accounts or funds managed by Radcliffe Capital Management, L.P.
  2. Meteora Capital Partners, LP (an affiliate of Glazer Capital LLC)
  3. Castle Creek Strategies (and sub-funds associated with Castle Creek)
  4. The K2 Principal Fund L.P.
  5. Context Partners Master Fund LP
  6. Boothbay Absolute Return Strategies, LP (or its affiliate Boothbay Diversified Alpha Master Fund LP, commonly controlled by Boothbay Fund Management LLC)
  7. Investment funds and accounts managed by Shaolin Capital Management, LLC
  8. Hudson Bay Master Fund Ltd. and/or its affiliates
  9. Saba Capital Master Fund, Ltd., Saba Capital Master Fund II, Ltd., Saba Capital Master Fund III, LP, and Saba Capital SPAC Opportunities, Ltd.
  10. D.E Shaw Valence Portfolios, L.L.C.
  11. Yakira Capital Management, Inc.

Among them, Radcliffe, K2, Context, Boothbay, Shaolin, Hudson Bay, and Saba all have stakes in Yunhong International (CN: ZGYH) and D.E. Shaw invested heavily in China. For details about the 11 investors, please download the PDF document at Except three US and on Canadian capital management companies, all others are owned by the CCP.

According to Mr. Guo, TMTG, a hi-tech social media company, is expected to launch Truth Social next year and has applied to Apple Store for registration of all its intellectual property.

DWAC is controlled by Bruno Wu, a registered CCP agent under FARA and another shareholder Li Yubao, chairman of ZGYH which is one of the CCP’s intelligence entities. DWAC’s director Patrick Francis Orlando was appointed as CEO of ZGYH on January 2020.

This deal was mediated by Sam Nunberg, former Trump campaign aide under Steven Bannon. He was dismissed from the campaign team due to criminal investigation and excessive drinking and lying. He was also one of Bruno Wu’s collaborators in his attempt to extradite Mr. Miles Guo. He also tried to sue and smear Mr. Guo.

Another important person in this deal is a man called Frank, a former FBI regional director, who appeared in a number of cases orchestrated by Bruno Wu to defame and criminate Mr. Guo. He had done a lot of phone taps and investigations in PAG‘s (Pacific Alliance Group) lawsuit against Mr. Guo. In 2017, he and Bruno Wu asked Jack Ma to negotiate with the boss of THM, the company which provided bodyguard services for Mr. Guo, offering USD 20 million for the company to terminate the bodyguard services agreement with Mr. Guo. He is Bruno Wu’s major partner in defrauding Americans.

Today, we see these people show up with Chris Gradel, co-founder of PAG, who played an active role in winning a case against Mr. Guo with forged evidence. Bruno Wu was the mastermind behind all of the major legal actions against Mr. Guo and this time he gathered this pack of thugs to put on a market manipulation show. This shows how powerful this criminal gang is not only in the judiciary field but also in the financial market but they are all running dogs for the CCP.

Then what is purpose of the CCP setting this trap for President Trump?

First, it is to prevent President Trump from joining GETTR because GETTR will help him win the 2022 mid-term election to become the Speaker of the House, which will give him tremendous power to secure his return to the White House in 2024.

Second, it is to lure Jason Miller, current CEO of GETTR and a long-term assistant to President Trump, away from Gettr and back to Trump’s team.

Bruno Wu reported to the top CCP leaders that they won the first triumph for ensnaring Trump and they would move on to get Miller out of the way. They initiated their scheme in July this year, closed the deal with Trump in September, and staged the manipulative operations in the financial market in October.

What risks does this deal pose to President Trump

First, once any insider trading is identified in the market operations, it will trigger criminal investigation. As all the major transactions that contributed to the surge in volume were among the aforementioned 11 institutional investors, there were no doubt insider trading activities. Such manipulative actions suspected of insider trading will sure invite investigation from SEC, If the SEC investigation render convictive conclusions, President Trump will be subject to criminal investigation and be barred from running for any public office in the future.

Second, if Trump owns 90% stake in DWAC, he will be the principal responsible person for any crimes involved; if he owns 25% stake, he will also be the most important defendant in the ensuing lawsuit. If all the parties involved are convicted of security manipulation and insider trading, he has to return all that he earned from this deal.

What is more, after the conclusion of the deal in September, the 11 institutional investors bought 91.3% stake in or more than 28 million shares of DWAC for USD 296 million which was put into a trust fund for buying TMTG’s intellectual property and the prospective Truth Social. In fact, Truth Social will be built with the technology from DWAC but the sum of USD 296 million belongs to Trump.

President Trump tried to ask Jason Miller to return to his team after signing the deal but Mr. Guo warned Miller in July that it was a long shot that Trump would accept GETTR’s offer of USD 100 million for his boarding GETTR and that Trump would likely fall in the trap set by the CCP. Now, everything prophesied by Mr. Guo has come true.

When DWAC’s price shot up, it drew in the investments of the MAGA people and some speculators who were the targeted victims of the carnage. The price plummeted from USD 175 to 94.2 and furth dropped to around 45 after the market closed on Friday. When the price reached up to the peak, 22.8 million shares changed hands. PAG, Sam Numberg, ZGYH, Jack Ma, etc. snatched 5 to 8 billion dollars from this series of market operations, an astounding figure that set the record for such an amount swindled in such a short time – a masterpiece of the CCP.

Third, even if President Trump can get away from the criminal investigation, he will still have to deal with the following two problems.

Firstly, he has to face the inquiries from the MAGA investors, victims of this economic unrestricted war waged by the CCP. All the money he earned from this deal were based on the operations and funding of the CCP through Bruno Wu, a CCP agent, Sam Numberg who is involved in a bunch of cases. And 11 institutional investors closely related to the CCP.

Secondly, it will be difficult for President Trump to get together a professional team to actually produce a social media platform. He may try to solve this problem through acquisitions but chance is slim. If he happens to acquire a platform that is related to the CCP, this would be blunder for him, turning him from the brave fighter against the CCP to an accomplice of the CCP in its swindle to rip off of the MAGA investors.

More importantly, where will Trump’s proceeds from the deal go? His spending of the money will be put in the spotlight by the democrats and the anti-Trumpers. Then there will be great uncertainty in his winning the primary campaign the 2024 presidential election. This farce will heat up the tensions between the Republican and the Democratic Parties, which plays into the hands of the CCP.

Under this circumstance, it is likely that the money involved in the fraud will be frozen. Once the case is put under criminal investigation, the parties involved will face class actions from the investors who has suffered loss from their investments in DWAC. The greatest risk for Trump here lies in the documents for the deal which are full of lies and have not provided any background information about Bruno Wu and others, which constitute fraud. In the case, the parties involved will face astronomical compensation claims and criminal charges.

Now, the percentage stake Trump has in DWAC has not been disclosed and the announcement thereof will make another headline in the US.

All in all, President Trump has walked in the trap set by Bruno Wu, PAG, ARC Capital, and the intelligence departments of the CCP to prevent him to regaining his clout through GETTR and ensnare him in the potential proceedings related to insider trading, security manipulation, making false statement, providing forged documents, defrauding investors, etc. so as to disqualify him for the 2024 election. If President Trump is convicted of the potential criminal charges, he will not only lose the proceeds from the deal but also sink in deep water and his entire family will be involved in it.

As the members of the Whistle-blower Movement, we will try to expose the evil plans and unrestricted war by the CCP and awaken the American society to the CCP’s infiltration into the US judiciary system through PAG, Bruno Wu, and the major US law firms. All those collaborators of Bruno Wu and the CCP will face criminal investigation.

Another exposé Mr. Guo brought to the audience today is about Bruno Wu.

FBI initiated criminal investigation into Wu and around 10 CCP-related people in 2019. Wu is American citizen but he has never set foot on the US since he got the notice of the investigation. He still worked together with Frank, the former FBI official to manipulate the legal proceedings, the judges, and other related parties.

What’s worse, Wu signed a lot of legal documents for the would-be listed company without disclosing his situation to the authorities, the public, and President Trump. This constitutes the gravest crime.

President Trump is unlikely to stay safe and sound from the DWCA case and Wu will be loaded with more charges. Wu has been arrested fore times by the CCP and his value for the CCP lies in his ability to push forward the cases to smear and frame Mr. Guo and the DWAC deal is another feat he achieved to beg for leniency from the CCP leaders. However, his unscrupulous gathering of all his gang members, including PAG and ARC Capital, on board for this show will expose all the parties involved to the risk of criminal investigations and blow the lid off the CCP’s legal unrestricted war in the homeland of the US and swindle of American investors’ money. In the US stock markets.   

In the next few weeks, Mr. Guo expect the stock price of DWAC to fall below USD 10 and any effort to try to buoy up the price will go in vein, At that time, President Trump will smell danger in the money from the deal and the democrats and anti-Trumpers will be poised to deal a fatal blow with the CCP-sent opportunity.


  1. DWAC, the Trump Social-Media SPAC, Surges: What to Know

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2 months ago

哈哈哈哈哈!I feel sorry for the CCP already! 我已经为中国共产党感到难过了! TMTG has already gotten publicity as top performing company on the U.S. stock market this past week. TMTG 成为过去一周美国股市表现最好的公司。CCP trying to sabotague President Trump and his new company will only add to his prestige. 试图破坏特朗普总统和他的新公司的中共只会增加他的威望。Classic Donald Trump. 😂 As @ScottAdamsSays “two ways to win no way to lose”.